Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eat: Skinny Pizza @ Westgate

Skinny Pizza
Front door.. plus outdoor seating...
Had a girls' day out today with one of my primary cum secondary school mate. We had a great time shopping, chatting and eating. Also, a great time for me to unwind and away from the hustle and bustle of my two cute kiddos.

We ended our day at Skinny Pizza, as both of us have not tried it before and we were both quite full from our afternoon dim sum at TimHoWan and drinks at Starbucks. Plus there is no Q at the shop and its not packed so we decided to go for this... as i need to get back before my son's sleeping time so we wanted something that doesn't need long waiting time for food to arrive. 

We sat at their outdoor seating and it was nice, not too hot even in the recent hot weather. We ordered a pizza to share among us and a drinks each.

Some pics while waiting for the food...

Me and the pizza cutter :)
1. Raspberry Julep ($7)
Refreshing raspberry lychee drinks... but my friend said that it was a bit sweet.

Raspberry Julep
2. Fresh Orange Juice ($6.50)

Refreshing orange juice with pulp.. freshly squeeze!

Orange juice
3. English Breakfast Pizza ($24)

Skinny and crispy pizza top with bacon, juicy tomatoes, mushrooms, runny egg, wild rocket and shaved parmesan cheese. Love the combination, they goes so well together!

English Breakfast Pizza

Look at the runny yolk
Had a good meal with good company :)

#01-03 Westate
3 Gateway Link
Singapore 608 532
Tel: +65 6465 9908

Daily: 11am-10pm

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