Saturday, June 21, 2014

Play: Photoshoot at FACE SG

Last October , we went for a studio photoshoot @ FACE SG. Purchased one of their package during mummy's market baby fair at expo on 6th october 2013 and it had been a great experience for all of us. As compared to our previous phototaking experience at PlayStudio, FACE SG has shown to be so much better in terms of their studio's background, staff's hospitality and the overall experience.

We reached FACE at 11.30am on the dot for our appointment. We were greeted promptly by the staff at the reception and after sitting down shortly at the waiting area, our photographer and her assistant arrived. We then started our photo shoot at the white background first on the ground floor. The photographer and her assistant (sorry, cant remember their name) were very nice and they seems to have good rapport with the kids. They played with them and tried to capture the kid's cutest expression.

En xin in his Chinese Traditional Costume

After that , we moved upstairs and we chose picnic and back to school background for our themed background photoshoot.

Picnic theme
Throughout the photo shoot, i felt that the photographer takes her time and doesn't rush us through. She even gave the kids some time to rest , drink water and have a snack before continuing. I think with resting and snacking, the kids will have more energy to play and not so grumpy during the photo shooting session.

I must say that the staff at FACE are really good with children, after warming up, both Qin and Xin played with the staff there and were very happy and well entertained. After coming back, Qin will still mention that she played the toys at FACE and were very happy.

We ended our session at 2pm and will be able to view our photos few days later!

Some of the photos we took while we are there... some behind the scenes :)

Stay tuned for the photos!!! It was great and we love them!!!

87, Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 229834
Tel: +65 6338 9866

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