Saturday, June 7, 2014

Play: Short Getaway to Desaru October 2013 (Part 1)

Went on a 2 days 1 night short getaway to Desaru with hubby and our two lovely kids. This is a spontaneous trip, we only did the booking one day prior to our trip. Hubby had been wanting to go on a break to relax and to get away from his hectic schedule at work and this is a perfect getaway for our family. We can enjoy the sunshine, beach and relax while the kids enjoy the beach and sand.

This time round, we wanted to do sth different. We had been to desaru umpteen times, i must say this is our most visited place for the past few years. For the past trips, we always stayed at Lotus Desaru because the hotel has a mini water park, breakfast is decent and they had the three rooms apartment so everyone gets to stay in the same apartment (went with hubby's parents and his siblings on the last few occasions). Having said that, our desaru trip had become quite predictable, it usually starts with visiting the RM 2 Eco shop which i adore, check in, rest, dinner at pengerang and then the next morning play at beach or pool after breakfast. Therefore, for this trip we will be changing our norm.

Our trip starts on a sunday. After Sunday Service, we went to have dim sum in Tun Aminah, Skudai, Johor. After driving about 2 hours departing fr Skudai, we reach the Eco shop. As the kids are still sleeping, hubby stayed in the car to look after them while i go and 'chiong' shopping at the shop. This time round, i bought a stainless steel tray, abc book, and the kids bought a lot of toys (when they join me after waking up from their nap).

Some of the toys that we bought.

After our shopping, we checked in to our hotel. This time round, we also chose a different hotel which is Pulai Desaru Resort and Spa. Upon checking in, hubby requested for a seaview room. The hotel staff kindly upgrade us to a superior room with a seaview (we booked for a standard room) . However, we do need to wait for 30 mins for the housekeeping to clean the room. and guess how we spend our time?

We had fun at the kids' room located just next to the reception counter. 

And also enjoyed this swing, watching sky, cloud and enjoying breeze while waiting for our room to be ready.

Finally, got our room lo....Great view from the room.

Jie jie had some snacks before swimming time!

Kids having fun in en xin's cot.

For dinner, we decided to have an authentic korean meal. Will be blogging about this special restaurant in Short Getaway to Desaru October 2013 Part 2

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