Monday, June 16, 2014

Eat: Cathay Restaurant @ Kulai, Johor

Cathay Restaurant has been one of the restaurant that we would go at least once every few months cause hubby really likes to eat there. We usually order the same few dishes and never get sick of them... 

Entrance to the restaurant is planted with lots of flowers...

1. Shark fin wannabe soup (shark fin soup base without the shark fin) - RM 60 (medium portion)

Love this tasty soup and it taste just like the shark fin soup without the fins....

Shark fin wannabe soup
Qin enjoying the soup
2. Deep fried tofu skin with spinach-- RM 16 (medium portion)

This is my favourite dish and is a MUST order every time we visit. We usually ate at least 2 portion of this.. will order one portion and towards the end, order another portion.

Love how the tofu skin is fried to crispiness and drizzle with the sauce...

3. Lemon chicken- RM 40 (one whole chicken)

This is hubby and BIL favourite.. Deep fried chicken drizzle with lemon sauce.

4. Stir fry potatoes leave - RM 14

Love how the potatoes leave stay crisp and with a tinge of spiciness

5. Deep fried fish drizzle with generous minced garlic and sauce. RM 75 (about 1-1.2kg)

This is also one of our favourite dish....

6. Yam Ring- RM 30

The yam is soft inside and crispy outside, and filled with yummy chicken cube and vegetable, top with cashew nuts.


PTD 65010, Jalan Persiaran Sri Putri Utama,
81000, Kulaijaya, Johor,
Tel: +607 6630707



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