Monday, October 10, 2016

Play: Winter in Melbourne 2016

We love to visit Australia in winter because it is so hot in Singapore and the cooling weather is a good change during school holidays!

We visited Perth in winter for the past 2 years and this year, we decided to make some changes and we went to Melbourne instead.

Winter in Melbourne is more harsh than Perth and the weather is definitely much colder. We are all wrap up in like super thick winter jacket. We even bought a portable heater to make the room much warmer...

Melbourne is a nice city with lots more attractions compared to Perth. We manage to meet with little penguin here as the Penguin Island in Perth is always closed in winter for breeding season. Great Ocean Road is amazing and we love the Twelve Apostles. We had a great time doing cafe hopping in Melbourne city centre and for coffee lovers like us, we love love love the coffee here. Indeed a heaven for coffee lovers.

Rough Planning:

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