Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Play: Exploring Western Australia in Winter (Day 9)

We love this rented holiday home, its cosy and nice. After a good night sleep, we had a quick breakfast at home (ya, it is cosy enough to call home, look little one are enjoying food on dining table!).. Our simple breakfast is milk, cereal and shortbread cookies.. :)

Yummy shortbread...
Boy boy loves the cereal
Time to get ready to check out Busselton and its surrounding. While we are busy getting ready, boy boy busy playing with my shoe!!!!

I love your shoe mummy!
And little girl got hold of my scarf and started to pose around...

Enjoying the plant outside the house
Busselton jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty at the Southern Hemisphere, extending 1.8 km into the Geographe Bay.... also a heritage they have a Underwater Observatory as well and we can't wait to visit.. (Busselton Jetty)

It is just 5 minutes drive from where we stay.... BUT.... it was sooo windy when we reach and we are very disappointed that the underwater observatory is CLOSED!!! Upon further enquiry, we were told that it is very windy and the seas are rough so the water is very murky, won't be able to see anything at the observatory.... and the bad news is... they won't be open at least for 3-4 days cause even if the seas calm down, it takes time for the murkiness to go away... well, i guess we are just not meant to see that :(

So we ended up at the restaurant just at the entrance to the jetty, called The Goose. I was skeptical with the food here initially cause i was thinking, the location is so good, just outside of the jetty, either the food is not nice or it will be too expensive. But we didn't spot any restaurant nearby and the wind is really strong, i feel like being blown away so just enter this restaurant.... i was amazed, the food is soo yummy, one of the best meal i had in Australia....

The Goose Website: The Goose Restaurant
Apparently, they have monthly menu, and it varies.... quite cool! There is also daily special which is just printed on a piece of paper, not available on their webpage...

View of Busselton Jetty from the restaurant 
For starter, we had this mussel, raw and one baked one... yummy!
A hot cuppa cappuccino to warm us up!
Love love love this baked fish... skin is crispy and well seasoned with salt, meat is juicy. even the salad is nice (coming from someone who doesn't like salad that much, it is really nice!!!)

Hubby had this burger and he loves it too!!!

After meal, some funny expression from the kids fooling around.
This is really one naughty one...
Making funny face
Girl definitely more demure
After a satisfying meal, we went to the Tourist Information Centre which is located just next to the restaurant. There is a lot of brochure inside the Information Centre, and we specifically wanted to look for any farm visit for the kids to play with the animal. The kind lady at the counter recommend us this CountryLife Farm, which has some animal and some playground for the kids...

CountryLife Farm is about 30 minutes drive away from Busselton town centre... not that far so we decided to for it! (CountryLife Farm)

Little boy is tired so fall asleep during the journey and it was drizzling when we reached... So, only girl girl and me go down while daddy accompany boy boy to sleep....

Entrance fees is $16 for adult and $14 for children (above 2 years old), and includes a bucket of carrots to feed the animal...

Here is our little farmer for the day!

Little farmer for the day!
Feeding time!
Rabbit eating carrot

I must say i was a little disappointed. There are some goat, sheep and llama just at where we park our car, and when we walked in, paid the entrance fees, I was expecting more animals but there is just a small area with rabbits, guinea pig and some wild kangaroo behind a fence. I think we enjoyed the animal that are situated just beside where we park our car more than those inside... 

There is also an indoor and outdoor playground. We only played at the indoor one cause its raining and very windy outside. Quite a bit of things to play...Coffee and tea also available for parents to drink, there are some chairs just next to the indoor playground so parents can sit around and watch their kids play.

Cooking station
Many cars to play
Toddler section
Now little boy wakes up and girl girl share her carrots with him.. both happily feeding the llamas and the goat...The llama is really very very gluttony.....keep coming and eat. Once we ran out of carrot then immediately walk away....

Feeding time

Llama trying to snatch the carrot from the bucket, little boy happily feed the little lamb...
Boy: mummy, llama very naughty... keep wanting to snatch my carrot!
Time to show my handsome pose...

No more carrots so time to move on to our next stop, scenic Sugarloaf Rock, about 15 minutes drive away...

It is a scenic place with natural formed rocks after years of shaping by the wind and the sea water.. pretty place to just chill and enjoy the scenery..but it was really windy, so we just walk for a bit then sit in the car and enjoy the scenery... if you go during "not winter", i think can enjoy it better...nevertheless, very pretty place. Even have very clean toilet here, well maintained :)

Do be careful if you are bringing kids, either carry them or hold them tight. The rocks are pretty dangerous so don't go too near the edge!

Went back to Busselton Town Centre and went groceries shopping at Woolsworth before it closes :)

Bought some food to cook for dinner, breakfast next day, and ingredients for Tiramisu... yes, i am kinda addicted to the one at Ciao Italia and I must try it using local ingredients and see if i can re-create the taste!!!

So at night, after the kids went to bed (yes, they sleep at 8 plus cause girl didnt nap today and boy boy only nap for a while), i made some tiramisu (alcohol-less and egg-less, coffee-less for the kids)... 

Hope its nice!!! Chilling them overnight, it will be our tomorrow's dinner's dessert!

Recipe link for tiramisu for those who is interested: Eggless Tiramisu Recipe
Ingredients for my Tiramisu
Chilling in fridge

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