Monday, November 24, 2014

Play: KL Getaway October 2014--- Colmar Tropicale and KidZania (Part 2)

13th October 2014

Today we will be hitting KidZania. I have heard many great reviews about this place and now that my kids are a little older (2 years old and 3 and 1/2 years old), it is time for us to bring them to visit.

After a quick breakfast of biscuit, milk and cheesecake (leftover from yesterday), we are on our way to KidZania.

Located in Petaling Jaya, just 10-15 minutes drive from our hotel, we reached KidZania at about 11.30am.

We were greeted warmly by the Air Asia check-in counter where we bought our "tickets". We were then given a wrist watch which is our ticket to a fun-filled day.

When we scanned in, it is like how we check in for flight. The counter will take note of how many people go in a group (e.g.: 2 adults and 2 childrens) and you can only check out with the same amount of people, this is to ensure that kids doesn't leave the building on their own.

Our wrist watch for entry
The kids were also given a cheque with the amount of 50 kidzos (currency in Kidzania). First stop is to cash in the cheque at CIMB bank for kidzos.

Cashing cheque
Main concept here is that with the kidzos, the kids can enjoy some services (manicure, make up, learn painting etc) and by doing so, they will use up their kidzos. Once the kids ran out of money, they have to work to earn them (working as fireman, police, lawyer, doctor etc).

If you earn enough kidzos, can even buy toys in "kid's only departmental store", adults not allowed to go in.

Each "shop" has a board outside and will indicate the duration of the activities and how many kids they can accommodate each time. Will also indicate the age of kids who are suitable for that particular activity. So parents and kids can choose which activity they wanna do.

Fire engine full of mini fireman
First activity is as builder. Kids help to build sponge-like blocks....

Listening to instructions
Start working
Their first hard-earned money!
Kids were happy with the money they earn and they even gave me part of their money to me as they promise to reward mummy once they started earning money. So sweet of them!

After some hard work, time to pamper ourselves with a makeover and manicure...

But little boy didnt really want to play anymore... probably a little scared, only want to stick to me and wait for jie jie outside the glass door.

Jie jie happily proceed to painting class...

Little artist at work

Proud of her work
1.30pm--Time for lunch. We ordered some food from the mini stall inside KidZania and while waiting for food, girl girl took the chance to make a mini pie ...

Little chef
After lunch, time to make some pill....

Wearing gloves
Vitamin Institute
Pharmacist mummy and pharmacist girl girl
Listening tentatively.
Earn kidzos and get a bottle of Vitamin C too!!!
By 2.30pm, little boy already a little tired, almost time for his milk and nap. So, i bring him to play in toddler's play room which he enjoyed a lot (played for 45 minutes or so).... i guess for kids 2 years and below, they are not so suitable for the activities as parents are not allowed inside the activity room. They prefer to play with toys in playroom and parents can rest too as they are quite a number of comfortable sofas around.

Didnt manage to take pics in the children's room but the children's playroom is well equipped. There are a super huge kitchen with lots of utensil, some toys in the living room with some soft toys, a huge pool of balls and a huge air bed for kids to jump. 

While boy boy is playing, girl girl continue with activity.

Making vitagen.

Becoming surgeon for a day

3.40pm--After playing and drinking milk, boy boy fall asleep soundly on the couch.

Meanwhile, jie jie busy learning cat walk.

Superstar in the making
Learning catwalk
After modelling, jie jie is exhausted already. Decided that she doesn't want to do any more activities.. so we went for face painting and she loves the cupcake pic...

Love it!
And make herself a bracelet.

Paying full attention
By now, it is 5pm and time to check out from KidZania :) The kids had fun. Hubby and me are exhausted but it is all well worth it,

5pm-time to check out
Meet my friend LM for lunch at Mamma Mia Restaurant near our hotel. Food is reasonable good. Had good conversations and catch up over dinner.

Reached hotel at 8plus and after shower , the kids fall asleep a while after that. Must be exhausted after playing the whole day.

14th October 2014

Final day and it is time to go home. Woke up at 9am and after a quick breast fast (biscuit and vitagen), we checked out. 

Will be having brunch at "The Good Batch". Saw this brunch place at Facebook .. i think something like 10 Best Brunch Place in KL, so decided to give it a try. 

Parking is difficult to find as there are many eateries along the road.

Inside the restaurant
Coffee machine
I had a cup of cappuccino to start is good but not fantastic.
Kids had Ang Moh... Scrambled egg, grilled mushroom, grilled tomatoes, sausages, potatoes and baked bean. This is quite good and the kids ate quite a bit...
Ang Moh, RM 24.90
I love my Portobello Road. Soft and runny poached egg and a huge grilled juicy portobello mushroom on top of crispy hash brown... perfect combination.. I love how all the eggs are perfectly poached... sinful but good!
Portobello Road, RM 22.90
Hubby love his Norwegian Salmon but he commented that it is a little too small for him. Smoked salmon and perfect poached egg on top of this super soft bun, served with a bed of salad....another win!!!!
Norwegian, RM 21.90

Enjoying their meal
Food is good, but on the pricey side. Spend about RM 110 for 3 sets and 2 coffees...

After brunch, we drove all the way home.

Great trip!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cook: How to cook soft and mushy porridge in 15 minutes?

Soft and mushy porridge
Enjoying them :)
Enjoy with a plate of century egg

Sharing some tips on making soft and mushy porridge in 15 minutes. Easy tips and save time and gas bill too :)


1. Rice (amount as required)
2. Salt (Optional for taste)
3. Oil (Optional for making porridge looks more silky)


1. Wash the rice grain as usual and drain the water. 
2. Add salt and oil (optional). Give it a good mix with your hand or spoon.
3. Place the rice grain in a freezable container and place them into freezer for at least an hour or until the rice grain is frozen.
4. Place a pot of water for the porridge on the stove and once the water boil, add the frozen rice grain.
5. Let it cook for about 10-15 minutes, stirring in between. The porridge should be pretty soft by now.
6. Add some soy sauce and sesame oil as you wish and enjoy them your favourite condiments.

P/S: For mummies cooking for kids, their version can be without salt/oil/soy sauce and sesame oil. Add vegetables or meat to cook together with the frozen rice grain and one pot meal can be served to your little ones.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eat: Lawry's Prime Rib

I haven't seen S and YL  for almost a year now. Now that I am staying home and they are busy with work, am quite glad that we had a chance to meet up for lunch on Friday as both of them not working that day....

Today we took bus to Orchard, as the kids always complain that bus to Lot 1 is too fast.... decided to bring them on longer bus journey.. OMG... they can't sit still after a while... and the bus is relatively packed...lucky still manage to keep them around the seat area until we reached.. but phew!!!! What an experience....

Reached Lawry's Prime Rib after an hour of journey by bus...

Located in Mandarin Gallery.....This is the interior of the restaurant.... comfortable cushioned seat....

Do note that the window seat is only available for 2 person per table... so we only get a table in the middle...
The interior...
Menu...They are famous for their beef...
Start the meal with a cold rotating salad served with chilled fork.. this is one of their speciality. Cold salad with crispy bread bites and sweet beetroot. Its nice! And the waitress prepare the salad in a cold bowl of ice in front of you too... very freshly made salad :)

Salad comes with every main courses ordered....
Famous cold rotating salad
Cold rotating salad in the making
Mixing mixing
Salad... served with chilled fork
I ordered the Fish of the Day for the kids... pan fried and served with vegetable and super appetising prawn sauce, it goes really well with the fish... my son lick the sauce too until finish :)
Fish for the kids.. its good especially the sauce
And for the adults, we have their specialty beef. Served with mashed potatoes and crispy Yorkshire Pudding. 

To be honest, i wasnt impress with the beef. it seems like the fish is a better choice. Beef is soft but i find the sauce accompanied it was rather bland. Plus the beef is not as chewy/with fast in between as compared to wage beef so i was kinda disappointed. Priced at $83 for 200g of beef, i certainly expect something more....i do love the Yorkshire pudding though but were given a small piece only...
Ok, and our beef is here
Cutting our beef
Served with mashed potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding
Medium well steak
Overall, it was a nice catch up with the girls... food are acceptable. Love the fish but a little disappointed with the beef... luckily it was during a ONE FOR ONE PROMOTION :)