Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cook: Homemade Melt In The Mouth Chocolate cum Chocolate Spread

Melt in the mouth chocolate

Close up!
This recipe has been on my "To-do-list" for quite some time and i bought the couverture milk chocolate for a few months now.. Finally, has the "mood" to make them...

The end results was sooo good. Now i know why this recipe has been so popular. With only 3 ingredients and a few simple steps, one could now enjoy this melt in the mouth chocolate or more well known as the "Nama Chocolate".

Besides eating it on its own, you can also spread them on biscuit or bread as a chocolate spread, quite an "atas" chocolate spread but well, it is well worth it!

For the chocolate, do opt for couverture chocolate as they are high quality chocolate with higher % of cocoa butter... they works best for this melt in the mouth chocolate!


1. 250g of couverture milk chocolate buttons 
2. 125g of whipping cream
3. Cocoa powder

The three ingredients needed!
The milk chocolate i use

1. Heat up the whipping cream in a cooking pot over low heat, stirring them constantly.
2. The cream is heated enough when you see some bubble started to form either at the side or middle of the cream. Do give it a try and ensure that it is warm enough so that the chocolate would melt but don't boil the mixture. It will take about 4-5 minutes. 
3. Once the cream is ready, remove from heat and add in the chocolate bit by bit while stirring them, ensuring that the chocolate melted completely.
4. Once done, pour the chocolate mixture into a tray lined with baking paper.

Chocolate mixture ready to go into fridge
5. Place the chocolate into the fridge and leave it to set , around 2 hours or so.
This is how the chocolate looks like when it is set
6. Once the chocolate is set, remove from fridge and cut them into small pieces. It might be a little messy when you cut as the chocolate is quite sticky but just try to cut as nice as you could. Dont worry if it is a little ugly, once you coat them with cocoa powder, they will look ok.
7. Sieve chocolate powder over the chocolate and serve cold.
8. Place the remaining into fridge and eat whenever you wish to.
9. You can also use them as chocolate spread on your favourite cookies and bread!

It is ready!
As chocolate spread

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