Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cook: Kid's Friendly Simple Stir Fry Portobello

The two kids at my house loves mushroom. From button mushroom, to dried mushroom to Japanese mushroom, they love all kind of the "shroom".

A simple stir fry portobello as filling to their bun will make them very happy and it is very easy to make! Plus, they get their portion of onions too!


1. Portobello mushroom (cut into small pieces)
2. Onions (cut into small pieces)
Two simple ingredients

1. Heat up a small teaspoon of olive oil.
2. Stir fry onion until it turns transparent.
3. Add portobello mushroom, stir fry until soft.
4. Add a pinch of salt/black pepper (optional)
5. Serve as a side dish or as a filling to burger/hotdog bun etc.

I serve with a ikea hotdog and a bun!

They are super happy with this as lunch.

Eat: Hai Di Lao Steamboat at IMM, Jurong, Singapore.

This was quite a late post. I went for this Hai Di Lao a while after this outlet is opened in IMM providing a branch of Hai Di Lao in the West area.

I fall in love with their steamboat after sampling it while visiting Beijing. Love the combination steamboat whereby guest can choose two flavours for the steamboat soup base (we usually choose one spicy and one non-spicy for the kids)
Double flavour steamboat
We usually order thin slice beef, fish fillet, some of the balls (cuttlefish, prawn, etc), vegetables etc.The beef, meat, seafood ball cooked in spicy ma la sauce goes so well with the white rice. I just can't get enough of it!

If you order noodle, you get it handmade right in front of you!
Chef making noodle right in front of you
One could choose to add on the buffet to get a selection of cold side dishes, fruits, and sauces (free flow)

Many sauces available to goes with the meat etc.
Cold side dish (tofu skin in ma la sauce)
Lychee (yes, lychee is free flow too!)
Peanuts (free flow)
Service is very attentive, customers will get a ziplock bag to put their handphone so that it won't get stain which having the steamboat. Apron is provided to protect your clothes. A cloth is provided to cover your bag and wet tissue is given as well for your hand as well as your spectacles. 

For the kids, a selection of toys will be provided so that they can be entertained while the adults continue eating and chatting.

Assembling the toys!
It is usually very busy and packed during meal time (lunch, and especially dinner). It is best to make reservations beforehand if you are planning to visit. 

If you did not reserve and just plan to come spontaneously , they provide a seating area and some snacks for you to chill while waiting for your turn.

Seats for customers to sit while waiting for their turn

Some snacks outside if the Q is long!
Ladies get their manicure done as well. The Q for manicure is generally quite long so do take your number first. If you did not have a chance to do it during your visit, you can get a card and do it the next time you are in the mall. 

There is also a play area for the kids so that you can keep them entertained while the mummy get their nails done!
Manicure is provided as well.
Generally , the food is good (although I have to admit I like the one in Beijing a little bit more, they have better selection of seafood ball and their soup is a little tastier as well) , the service is excellent and they even provide a place to sit while waiting. Thumbs up for their excellent service.

And what else is different with this branch! They are open all the way up to 6am, so if you are craving for this in the middle of the night, why not? Just come down and get your craving fixed!

Hai Di Lao
#03-01, 2 Jurong East Street 21,
Singapore 609601.
Phone: 65 6896 4111
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday- 10.30am to 6am
                           Sunday - 10.30am to 12am

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eat: Toby's The Dessert Asylum @ Trade Hub 21, Singapore

Toby's The Dessert Asylum was one of the recommended hidden gem in the east. Previously located at Marine Parade, now it has found a new home at Trade Hub 21.

I went with expectations but was slightly disappointed.

I ordered Aglio Olio with mushroom. I have to say I had better Aglio Olio elsewhere.

Aglio Olio, $11.95
One might say that I did not try their signature dish but we did. Hubby went for their recommended BBQ Pork Rib but he did not quite like it as well. The pork is not well marinated and the sauce is not flavourful enough. 

BBQ Pork Rib, $19.90
Price are medium ranged and possibly considered good price for American Style Restaurant serving western food. DBS/POSB card holder get 10% off as well.

Desserts fare better than the main courses I must say. I ordered a strawberry cheesecake mud pie and I quite like the combination of it. Sweet strawberry ice cream goes pretty well with the cheesy cheese cake. Thumbs up for their desserts.

Strawberry cheesecake mud pie

There are some promotion for weekday. Example: 50% off main courses on Friday, 1 for 1 pizza on Monday and weekday tea time and lunch promotion.

I guess I would not mind going for the promotional deal and probably sample some of their other dessert choice but they could definitely do better with the quality of their main courses and their service as well. We had to keep requesting for the staff to top up our water on a non-packed non busy day.. Staff definitely need to be more attentive.

TradeHub 21
#01-35, 8 Boon Lay Way
Singapore 609964
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm DAILY