Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eat: Cathay Restaurant at Horizon Hill, Johor

Had dinner at Cathay Restaurant Horizon Hill to celebrate my BIL's birthday.... Love the view from the restaurant as it overlooks the Horizon Hill's golf course. If you come on an afternoon, might be able to spot some golfer playing :) We went for dinner so not much people playing golf already.

This restaurant is also one of the popular spot for wedding dinner for those staying in the vicinity but there is no wedding dinner today, so the kids are playing on the stage...tsk tsk!

Playing at the stage while waiting for food
One of our favourite dish: Mongolian Chicken.. this item is not on the menu but one can just order it off the menu. Mongolian sauce is a bit peppery and goes well with white rice. We order a large portion for this...(sorry, can't remember the price as it is not on the menu, should be in the range or RM20plus to RM30plus)

Mongolion Chicken
Broccoli with black mushroom, this dish is a surprise, everyone likes it. Broccoli is fresh and crunchy and top with succulent black mushroom.

Broccoli with black mushroom, RM 24 small portion

Sambal kang kung, this  vegetable dish fare pale in comparison with the broccoli....

Sambal kang kung RM 14 for small portion
Prawn salad with fruits... deep fried prawn top with mayonnaise and cashew nut and fruits. What more can i say :)
Prawn salad RM40 small portion

Crispy fried cuttlefish with egg yolk... a dish that never goes wrong. Yum Yum!!! My cholesterol level is going haywire :((

Crispy fried cuttlefish with egg yolk RM 24 for small portion

Claypot bean curd, also not on the menu. Soft bean curd cooked with a variety of vegetable and seafood. Yum! Price in range of RM 10 plus to RM20.

Claypot bean curd 

After meal, its time for birthday cake. Love this chocolate mud cake from Moonlight Cafe, chocolate sponge and chocolate cream, top with lots of strawberries and chocolate :)

Chocolate mud cake
yum yum!
No 1, Jalan Eka,
Horizon Hills,
79100, Nusajaya,
Tel: + 607 232 8633, +6014 6188038


Note: Do give them a call before going over, as there are times that the restaurant is not open due to function or wedding.

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