Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eat: Tim Ho Wan @ Westgate, Singapore

Recently, I have been patronising TimHoWan quite frequently, bringing my parents-in-law, my mum and sis, and having dinner gathering with my ex-colleague. I really like their Baked Bun with BBQ Pork and never get sick of eating them!

Although there is always a queue at TimHoWan no matter its lunch time, dinner time, non-lunch non-dinner time.... but I always don't mind queueing up to have meal there. Luckily, the staff at TimHoWan are really effective in clearing table so the queue actually move quite fast. Even during peak lunch time, we manage to get a seat after queueing for 30 minutes or so.

Do note that the staff only allow their guest to go to their table after all the guests has arrived! I guess this is one of their way to ensure that their guest doesn't wait at the table for the rest of their family/friends to arrive.

The long Q-- as usual...

The staff will start to pass u their menu sheet for ordering while you are waiting for your turn.. doesn't waste time at all..

Ordering sheet
Ordering sheet
Some of the food we ordered:

1. Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (4 pieces) - $5.00

This is also well known as "siew mai".. full with prawn and meat... and very tasty too!

Pork dumpling with shrimps
2. Steamed egg cake (1 piece) -$ 3.80

More well known as the "ma lai ago". This is one of their signature dishes and my 3 year old daughter's favourite dish.... She can eat almost 2 piece each time ....Each time we sit down at Tim Ho Wan, she will shout " I want ma lai gao!" don't even need to look at the menu...

Steamed egg cake
3. Baked Bun with BBQ Porl (3 pieces)- $4.50

This is my favourite dim sum from the menu... I can easily eat 2-3 each time and ta bao some for supper or breakfast next morning.... and so far, everyone that i bring to Tim Ho Wan, they will eat at least 2 pieces each... really very good! One of its kind!!!

Baked Bun with BBQ pork
4. Wasabi salad prawn dumpling (3 pieces) - $5

Deep fried dumpling wrap with prawn and spread with wasabi sauce... yum yum!

wasabi salad prawn dumpling
5.  Spring roll with egg white (3 pieces)-$4.20

Very special spring roll filled with egg white and prawn.. always served hot at the inside and crispy on the outside.. one of my favourite too!

Spring roll with egg white

See , it is filled with egg white

6. Tonic medlar and ostmanthus cale (cold) (3 pieces) $3.50

Cooling and refreshing dessert to end the meal...

Tonic medlar and oshmanthus cake
7. Mango Sago ($5)

A refreshing treat after the meal. The mango sago is very creamy and cooling, very thick too! Thumbs up!

Mango Sago


3 Gateway Drive, #01-13/14
Westgate, Jurong East,
Singapore 608532
Tel: +65 6686 2000


Mon To Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat/Sun/PH: 10am-10pm
Last order @ 9.30pm

Please note that TimHoWan does not allow reservation.

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