Monday, June 2, 2014

Play: 3 Days 2 Nights Sand and Sea @ Turi Beach Resort, Batam, Indonesia

We had a short family trip to Batam in October 2013.

After doing some research on the hotel in Batam, we settled for Turi Beach Resort that is located at Nongsapura, Batam. Hubby and me had been to Batam once few years back, after our ROM and at that time, we stayed at Harris Resort which is nearer to the town centre. As there is nothing much to do except a few shopping mall there, we wanted to choose somemore more idyllic so that we can spend all day at the hotel and the kids can have fun at the beach and the pool.

Montigo Resort actually caught our eye first but it has sold out due to the long weekend of Hari Raya Haji. So Turi Beach is our choice :) We booked through the hotel's website and bought the ferry ticket separately. It costs us SGD 300 for 2 nights stay, inclusive of breakfast , wifi connection and land transfer.

Qin Qin and me on board of Wavemaster Ferry :)
We took a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal using Wavemaster ferry. The ferry is slighly smaller than Batam Fast but as there are less passengers taking Wavemaster ferry, there are a lot of empty seats and we do not need to Q for a long time to get on the ferry.

After reaching the Nongsapura ferry terminal, the hotel land transfer pick us up.

Little girl posing in the room

Little boy happily exploring the new room
View from our room

View from our room

The pool

The room is comfortable with a double bed and high ceiling with  view of the pool. However, one down side is that no bath tub, so will be having slight issue with showering our little boy....

After resting for a bit, wanted to have dinner but as there is a one hour gap of time difference from spore, restaurant is not opened yet, so we went to the beach and played with the sand.

At the beach

Little girl happily playing with the sand

Selfie with my boy

Two kiddos enjoying!

After some sand time, we had buffet dinner at the hotel restaurant, Taming Sari. The food is acceptable, not that great though... and little boy fall down from the high chair while we are eating, he cried very loud, it must be very pain.. luckily no issue afterwards. Hopefully no long term side effects.

One thing about the hotel is that at night, the walkway is very dark, it may be good if u wanna date, but with the kids, hubby has to use his handphone's light to show us the way....

At night, hubby and me went for a drink. Hubby has local beer and i had cocktail (tequila sunrise)..

Tequila Sunrise

The next day, the kids conquer the pool...

Girl girl started with soaking her legs, then slowly move her way into the pool
I also went for a papaya wrap while the kids are taking nap.... not so good, should have gone for the massage instead.

At night, we wanted to try the tepanyaki but we realised that it is closed on monday... :( so ended up at taming sari restaurant again....tomorrow night will not be around anymore so couldnt try the tepanyaki restaurant....anyone who wants to visit and plan to eat meal in hotel must plan carefully. as we didnt realise that the tepanyaki restaurant is closed on mon, we ended up having ALL our meals at taming sari, was getting bored at the end of it :P

Her favourite drink-freshly squeezed orange juice

Instead of having buffet again at Taming Sari Restaurant, we had a la carte instead.

DAY 3:

On the final day, when little boy is taking nap, girl girl and me had a quick tour around the hotel for some photos and then we took the mini van back to the ferry terminal and back to singapore. Even have time to had lunch at Star Vista.. we ate at Morganfield and it is really yummy. The spare ribs are great and the kids had complimentary kids meal.

selfie with girl girl

looking so demure

Taken by our little photographer

smiley little girl

another selfie

Playing with water
What an expression!

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