Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Play and Eat: Day out at Vivocity and Brotzeit, Awfully Chocolate

Yesterday we went shopping at Vivocity for the whole day.. I am really impressed with my mum and me :)) we manage to bring the two kiddos and walk from 11am to 7pm....and we survived :D

Whenever my mum come visit me in Spore, we will try to go out at least once a week so that won't be so bored staying at home the whole time... Usually will go Lot 1 or JEM/Westgate cause its nearer but we got so bored going to the same shopping mall...so decided to go Vivo this time round.

Morning after breakfast, showered the kids and dressed up for our day outing :)

The two of them, all dressed up. Jaclyn wanted to bring her baby and some toys out and i agreed as long as she takes good care of them.... The toys can also keep them occupied for a bit while we shop...

All ready to go out!
We reached Vivocity at about 11am and then went exploring the Bear Factory shop but photography is not allowed in the shop. The kids had fun pushing the bear that seats in the baby pram.... and then "showered" one of the bear at bath tub.

Then we went to H&M and bought some jeans, shorts and t shirt for the kids.... currently they are having promotion for GSS..

Jaclyn tried on a ballerina dress but the skirt is too transparent so didn't buy that for her. Although i must admit that she looks super duper cute in that dress. She kept turning in circle and dancing :)

My cheeky ballerina
A more demure version of ballerina

Upon checkout at H&M saw this pretty red hairband going at $2 so bought that for girl girl too. She looks so cute in it... like a princess!

My little princess.

After finish shopping at H&M, it is already 1pm, time flies. No wonder our stomach started to rumble... saw Brotzeit and I had a good meal there last week. Was very amazed how sausages can taste so good!!! So asked my mum if she is ok with eating at Brotzeit for lunch, she was ok so we went in, sat at the outdoor seating.. it was so windy and we enjoyed the breeze throughout our meal.

Some pics while waiting for food
Justin and me.. naughty boy didn't wan to smile...
Only smile when we do selfie :)
Love the scenery... can look at the sea while enjoing our meal

Food arrived shortly after we ordered....

Ordered a set lunch $19....which comes with a Ham Roll Stuffed with Potato Cheese as starter and Breaded Pork Escalope with Fries. Add a drink for $2, we ordered Ice Lemon Tea.

Ham Roll Stuffed with Potato Cheese
Breaded Pork Escalope with Fries and mushroom sauce
Ordered a cheese sausages set to share...It comes with bread, salad and sauerkraut (preserved sour cabbage). Love their cheese sausages. Very nice.

Cheese sausages set, $13.50
Mum ordered a sausage sampler which comes with 3 types of sausages, a pork sausage, a cheese pork sausages and a chilli sausages, bread, roast potatoes and salad. My mum and me both love the chilli sausage the most!

Sausage Sampler, $13.50
Pic before we start digging in!
Justin and me
Our table full of food!
We manage to finish the food, all end up very full and fully satisfied!!!!

Posing after finish food
Very satisfied after the meal=happy baby
After lunch, we shop for a bit then went to the playground at Level 2....The kids ran here and there playing! But weather was a bit hot and the playground is only partially shield from the sun, so only play for a while....

Riding turtle

Hugging turtle
Alligator :)
Its time for en xin to drink milk and go sleep. Realise that the old breastfeeding room is closed so went to Cotton On Kids to ask where is the new feeding room. She told me to feed at the diaper changing room at toilet....??!! I went over and realise that the room is not fully closed, still have see through glasses.... Lucky for us, one of the cleaner auntie was very helpful, she directed me to the newly opened breastfeeding room which is located just few shops away from the old one... "phew"... for those who need to breastfeed, the new room is located near the Long John Silver, also at the Level 2 playground area. It's now fully air-con, with plenty of cubicle to feed and a diaper changing station and some chairs outside for hubs to wait.

Then, Justin go to la-la land and the rest of us continue shopping and walking. 

Qin loves U Shape.. kept playing with it :)
Tired after shopping, so went for a quick dessert break, rest our legs and had some ice cream and cake.

The Awfully Chocolate "hei" chocolate ice cream still as tasty as ever.. very yummy and creamy! But was disappointed with the cake, was not as nice as expected. They did heat up the cake and the chocolate cake is warm but the taste is not as chocolate-y as the ice cream.. Still prefer the ice cream.

Double scoop chocolate 'hei' ice cream ($8) and stacked cake ($7.90)

First time trying the cake, not as nice as expected!
Pic with little girl while grandma go toilet
Justin slept for 1 1/2 hours then daddy arrived after work.... Went for dinner at Sushi Tei cause daddy is starving, work too hard and didn't have proper lunch today.. had some chicken katsudon, green bean, salmon mentayaki and ice cream.

Jaclyn and her cute "cold" expression after eating ice cream.. Jaclyn loves to eat the green bean, keep open and eat.. cutee!

Qin "cold" look

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-149/151, Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6272 8815

Mon to Thurs, PH: 12pm-12am
Fri and Sat, PH Eve: 12pm-1.30am
Sunday: 11am-12am

Awfully Chocolate @ Vivocity (Cafe)
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-156, Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6410 9725

Daily: 10am-10pm

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