Thursday, June 5, 2014

Play: Picnic at Singapore Botanic Garden on Vesak Day

A great sunny day for picnic
ingapore Botanic Garden is one of our favourite outing spot lately. It is a great place for picnic, cycling and for the kids to run about on the grass. Jaclyn and Justin also love going to botanic garden because they get to run freely, play with ball and eat picnic food from their toy plate/cup. Most importantly, I do strongly believe that outdoor activities is really an important part of kid's growing up life... engaging in outdoor activities train their motor function, prevents myopia and encourage kids to do exercise and have a healthy lifestyle.

For this round of picnic, i prepared some apple oatmeal muffin and luncheon meat/egg/cheese sandwiches ( i am proud to say that even the bread i used for the sandwiches is homemade )

(After eating the sandwich, my brother in law commented that he didnt know that the bread was homemade until my hubby told him that i made it yesterday :) i guess it is a compliment that the bread turns out well... not perfect of course but edible!)

Preparing for sandwich in the morning. Look how well my egg turn out. Too bad i had to cut them into small pieces!
My mighty big sandwich. I am proud to say that even my bread is made from scratch.
As it is Public Holiday today, the Botanic Garden is more crowded than usual. Lucky for us, we still manage to find a spot to lay our picnic mat.

Kids enjoying eating picnic goodies off their toy plate and cup... something they can only do during picnic as i don't allow them to put food into their toys at home...
Our luncheon meat sandwich and apple oatmeal muffin
We played frisbee and ball for a bit, the kids ran here and there, then sat down to eat our picnic food....

Then continue with frisbee, ball ,cycling , kids chasing birds.... Frisbee game got too exciting and the frisbee flew into the pond... and my BIL went to rescue it using his toe... and we manage to retrieve it back.. haha!

Kids playing with ball

Justin waving "bye" to me before joining the crowd for frisbee

Hubby and his proud toy: Solar panel powered fan

Justin drinking water after playing :)

Drinking Vitamin water.... to cool down...
My little umbrella
Very proud to climb up the bike successfully on his own...
Spend about 2 hours here and everyone had a good time.. although it was a bit hot today with occasional wind... but still, a good picnic time!

On our way back to our car.... 

Opening hours: 5am to 12 midnight daily
Admission fees: Free (except National Orchid Garden)

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