Saturday, June 21, 2014

Eat: Nasi Lemak Ayam at Restoran Arzhad Baru, Taman Skudai Baru, Johor

My favourite mamak stall... their nasi lemak is super yummy! Nested in the housing area of Taman Skudai Baru, this restaurant has been around for more than 10 years, it used to be the place that hubby and me went dating long time ago... and up until now, there are still many customers who will come and eat here.

Opens from 6pm daily and till late, this is one of the popular mamak place for people to come and chill with their friends. The seating areas are all outdoor on the roadside, isn't it cool? :)

Outdoor seating
One of the dish that i usually order: Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. Love how their nasi lemak is always served hot, with lots of sambal (chilli), fried chicken, kacang(fried peanut) and ikan bilis (anchovies). Their nasi lemak is cooked with lemongrass, ginger and curry leaves which gives them a nice aroma and taste. Love how they fried their chicken, crispy and still maintain its juice. Their sambal is also well concocted... the combination is simply wonderful

Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, RM 4.50
Another of our favourites is Roti Tissue ...thin and crispy, drizzle with some sugar and condensed milk, what more can you ask for :)

Roti Tissue

Restoran Arzhad Baru
23, Jalan Hang Tuah 40,
Taman Skudai Baru
81300, Skudai, Johor,
GPS Coordinate: 1.5194653284616, 103.65323926284

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