Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cook: Homemade fish ball

Home made fish ball
My mum's brother used to make fish ball to sell in a small town in Pahang and she has learn the skill from him.

Few types of fish can be used to make fish ball (those with special substance in them to make them stick together after mixing)... e.g.: mackerel, Xi Dao Fish (Ikan Parang, not sure whats its english name), yellow-tailed fish etc...

As my dad brought back some yellow-tailed fish from his recent fishing trip, mum decided to use those to make us fishball so i am in for a treat :) And great chance to blog her fish ball making steps....
Fish used-yellow tailed fish

(Makes about 18-20 fish balls)

#Didn't manage to weigh all the ingredients so all is just estimation

1. 14 small size yellow-tailed fish, remove the fish scales
2. Some ice cubes in ice water
3. A pinch of salt and sugar (as wished)


1. Scrap all the fish meat from the fish using a spoon. 
2. Double check the fish meat using hand to make sure there is no fish bones.
3. Place the fish meat on a chopper board and minced the fish using a knife, adding some ice cubes and ice water, a bit at a time.
TIPS: Adding the ice cubes and ice water ensures the freshness of the fish.
Mincing the fish meat
4. When the fish is well-minced and looks sticky, put them into mixing bowl.
5. Add the salt and sugar. Give them a good mix until they are sticky enough to shape into ball-shaped.
Making into balls
6. Shaped them into balls and put them into a bowl of ice water. Put the fish ball into the fridge for about an hour or so.
7. Add them into boiling soup or cook them any way you like.
8. Enjoy!
Toink Toink Fishball

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