Sunday, January 11, 2015

Play: It is all about the nature-Fun at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

We were supposed to be re-painting our house this weekend but didn't manage to do it ... so ended up at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden for a fun half day out!

Located at a separate entrance just next to one of the Botanic Garden entrance, Jacob Ballas is a huge playground with lots of fun activities for kids. This garden is designed specifically for children and although it is free to enter, one could only enter when accompanied by kids (which is entirely the opposite for most attractions whereby kids can only enter when accompanied by adults)

Sign board at Bukit Timah Road
We were lucky and found parking at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden car park. Alternatively, one could park at the NUS Bukit Timah Campus car park.

At the entrance, we could still spot the Christmas decorations, which haven't been removed....

Merry Christmas decorations!
There is also a Kidz Cafe at the entrance should anyone wants to have a bite before or after visiting the park.

KidZ Cafe
Visitor Information
Upon entering the park, nature greets us. We could see lots of plants everywhere and well maintained. Some of the trees have board to explain the name of the tree and some information on the tree.
Entering the park

Chanced upon this Saga Tree. I used to love picking up its seeds when i was young and haven't seen this tree in ages. Quite excited to see the tree....and love the information provided.

Did you know that 4 saga seeds equal to 1g? 

Well, I didn't until I read the explanation on the board next to the tree!
Saga tree
Kids excited too... looking for the saga seeds
Looking for the seeds patiently!
Yay! Saga seeds...
Mini hanging bridge suitable for kids. Pretty safe! Of course we did it with adult supervision :)
Hanging bridge
Tree house with slides, and sand for the kids to play...
Tree house
Bought bubbles stick for the kids to play while we are there...

Loves bubbles!

Found this fig tree as well... so cool. I didnt know this is how the figs grows on its tree! And there is lots of them!!!

Close up figs!
Our last activity of the day is playing with its mini water fountain. We save this activity to the end so that after playing, we can clean the kids up and go for our lunch!

We had a great day and we love how the kids can have plenty of different activities (sand playing, slides, mini water fountain). Best of all, lots of things to see and learn in the nature (picking up saga seeds, observing fig plant). Weather is quite good as well cause the trees block most of the sunlight so it is quite cooling despite being there till noon time!

481, Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259 769

Close on Monday (unless it is a PH)

Entrance fees: FREE

More information at its official website:

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