Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Play: Exploring Western Australia in Winter (Day 13)

Day 13

Today we will be driving 50 mins to the south of Perth to Rockingham. This is where we will be going on a Dolphin Sighting Tour (Three Islands Wildlife Cruise). 

Our initial plan is to go to Penguin Island but alas, it is closed from early June after the Western Australia Public Holiday to 14th September for the winter mating season. So we have to settle for the Three Island Wildlife Cruise which we gets to see dolphins, seals and some birds.

More information on Penguin Island Tour;

We reached at about 11.30am, so we booked for the 12.15pm cruise. Grab a quick bite nearby and some photo time while waiting for the boat to arrive.

On board the cruise....everyone is excited for our first encounter with the dolphins!

Great weather today!

Waiting patiently!
Still no dolphins.. started to play..
And here comes the first dolphin!!! WOW!!!
Another one...
We manage to see quite a few dolphins during the tour.. some alone and some in pairs... The kids are excited and will shout dolphin each time they saw them... if they see two dolphins, will shout "dolphin, dolphin", so cute!!!

Moved from the open sea to an island where we get to see some pelicans and seals.

More Pelicans and some seals
The tour took about an hour or so.. and we are back on the mainland... The kids spotted a playground and ran towards it!

While the kids were playing, I grab a muffin from the cafe to share with everyone. They played for a while and we then drove back to Perth.

Kids nap on the way back and we went to King's Park again.. this time we went to the huge grass area for the kids to roam and used up their unlimited energy!

Running around and playing with leaves and grass and twigs!
Searching for "treasures"
Picking up twigs!
Drove around city area and saw "Wagamama". Brings back memory as hubby and I had their noodles before while studying in Nottingham, UK so decided to have it for dinner today!

Cute baby chair which can just attached to the table. Save space, but initially was a bit scared that it won't hold the weight. But seems quite sturdy!

First time using chopstick.. she is proud of herself!
Our noodles
Our noodles

Food here are ok... nothing fantastic. Most importantly is the great memories of dining at their restaurant outlet while studying :) 

Tomorrow will be our last day in Perth before flying back home!

Final day in Perth!

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