Monday, November 10, 2014

Eat and Play: Wednesday SEA Aquarium Trip, Din Tai Fung and Fruits Paradise

My mum is in town last week and we found out that there is a current ongoing promotion of Buy One Free One for adults tickets to SEA Aquarium until end of the year. Promotion only valid for Wednesday and you have to print out the tickets on your own... but it is a good promotion though :) Instead of $38 per person, it is only $19 per person and kids under 4 years old enter for free.

So on Wednesday, we brought the kids to SEA Aquarium.

This is our second visit to SEA Aquarium. The SEA Aquarium tickets also include entry to Maritime Museum. 

Read about our previous experience at SEA Aquarium: Our First Visit to SEA Aquarium

Some of the exhibits at Maritime Museum...

Straits of Malacca
Traditional Kite known as "Wau"
Huge ship
"Kompang" time
Playing with drum
Little musician
They love the giraffe
Little ones...
Granny and girl girl
In conjunction with Halloween, there are pumpkin and skeletons everywhere...

Enjoying the fishes swimming about...
Love her concentration...

Ship wreck and treasures...
A school of fishes just swan past... magnificent!
Mini sea horses are really cute.. love how their tail tangled with one another and with the seaweed...They are really small... soo cute!

Little tail tangled to the sea grass...
Shark embryo.. by week 6 you can see the embryo moving inside the egg.... so cool!

The mini tadpole look-alike is the embryo 
See how the embryo swim about..
Next up is some sea dragon.... this is a little too complicated ... still prefer the sea horses.

Happy kids..
And the highlight of the trip is the dolphin! I love how ah boy kept the dolphin in his sight! His eyes moved around the dolphin and follows them as they swam past, and at the same time kept repeating the words "dolphin, dolphin, dolphin"

Very happy boy
There are some "Trick and Treat" booth as well, and the kids got themselves a manta ray headgear... plus some sweets to end our trip!

We spent about 2 hours here and everyone is exhausted and fish overloaded! Time to fill our stomach....

Happy with their new toys!
Again, we ate at Din Tai Fung as per our previous visit... i had been missing the glutinous rice cake since my last visit.. so this time must eat to my heart's content!

Our previous lunch at Din Tai Fung : Din Tai Fung at RWS

New item on the menu-- chicken dumpling..

and this yummy place has earned their Michelin Star for HK in 2014.... well deserved i must say! No wonder long queue even though it is a weekday and all the other restaurant has no queue...

Chicken Dumpling
Love this starter... $4.50
Chicken dumpling, $8.30 for 6 pieces
Crab and pork bao, $5.30 for 3 pieces
Beef noodle without beef... i love the soup only so decided to go with the one without beef $8.80
my favourite!!! ate 2 servings- 4 pieces!!! $4.20 for 2 pieces
Satisfying meal and we spent $43.90 all together....including 2 hot teas!

After meal, went for a walk and realise that Merlion is just a staircase away... so we explore Merlion too since the kids haven't been there before.

Some photos time!

We also walk walk around and took some pics with the parrots (didnt buy in the end though cause it was too pricey!). Saw the newly opened Madame Tussaad just next to Images of Singapore...

Also took this chance to take the Sentosa Express Train to Vivocity... it was free!!! After we reach Vivo only we realise they only collect payment when you go to Sentosa... it is $4 , and coming back to Vivo is free! So we got ourselves a free train ride.

After walking around Vivo for a bit, we went for afternoon tea at Fruit Paradise!!! My favourite fruit tarts!!! Love the fruits tart here although a little pricey. Even my girl loves it, she can eat one piece on her own....

For weekday tea time, one fruit tart and drinks combo comes at $9.80++ per set. Selection of drinks can be coffee, tea or ice lemon tea..
Seasonal fruit mix!
Mixed fruits tart

Kids were exhausted by the end of the day...and little boy even fall asleep while we are waiting for cab...Nonetheless, a great day out!

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