Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eat: Best Guo Tie @ Fu Chan Food Paradise

The stall
Recently, hubby's colleague introduce him to this stall which sells fried "guo tie" aka dumpling and homemade "la mian" aka noodle. It is pretty authentic and you can see the chef making noodle and dumpling in action.

Price is really reasonable too, and most importantly it tasted soo good that we visit almost weekly now. 

I love how the dumpling is fried slight crispy but the fillings inside still retains the juice... juice from the meat literally drip out when you bite into them... it is sooo good!

$5 for 12 pieces
They definitely didnt skimp on the fillings, lots of meat and vegetable. I love it!

Wasn't a fan of the minced meat noodle cause i find it a little salty to my liking but noodle texture is really good, and the chef literally only start to make the noodle after you order, how cool is that! And did i mention one bowl of handmade noodle cost $3.50.... it is definitely a steal!

Do give it a try if you are in the vicinity...

Fu Chan Food Paradise
#01-309, Block 134, 
Jurong Gateway Road,
Jurong East,
Singapore 600 134

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