Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eat and Play: SuperTree by IndoChine and Garden At The Bay Mid Autumn Festival 2014 Lantern Display

This year for Mid Autumn Festival, there is a huge lantern display at Garden At The Bay. This display is only from 4-14 September 2014. Entrance is free so we couldn't miss the chance to bring our kids to enjoy this amazing huge lantern display :)

Although it is an outdoor area and free entry, there is timing for its opening hours.

Mon-Fri: 6pm-11pm
Sat and Sun: 3pm-11pm

I have to say although on weekend, it is open from 3pm onwards, it is best to view them at night after the sky is dark!

We park at the main entrance car park and walk to the "tree" for our dinner before making our way to the lantern display.

Girl saw the watering pot and wanted to take picture
Yay, where we are gonna have our dinner.
SuperTree by IndoChine is located at the biggest "tree" at the Garden and is the only restaurant that is situated on top of the "tree". To avoid disappointed, do make prior reservation.

Entrance to the restaurant
Restaurant is situated on 16th floor :) Actually there is only 3 options in the lift. 1st floor-ground floor, 15th floor-kitchen, and 16th floor the restaurant so you won't get lost.. haha!

And we reach the restaurant.. 
Personalised napkin and i realise even their plates are personalised too!
Interior of the restaurant
The tables are situated all by the window, with the bar in the middle of the restaurant. So you will be sitting by the window no matter which table you are assigned, of course there are different view, e.g.: MDS, Spore Eye, garden etc.. so if you wanted a specific view, it is best to reserve that during your reservation.
Dining seats
There are also outdoor seating available... but i would advise to sit inside. There is no fan outside so can only depends on the natural wind and if it rains...  You can sit inside and then go for a walk outside after your meal which is what we does :)

Outdoor seating
View below
Walkway outside...
can see the lantern display from here, not so nice cause still bright
I have read many negative reviews on the food served so i didn't have high expectation of the food but we actually had a pleasant meal. Food portion is small though but taste is good.

1. Thit Heo Kho-Vietnamese Braised Pork Belly with Quail Eggs in Coconut Juice. This taste like our braised pork belly, soft and flavourful. There is also a small  bowl of cold coconut flesh to enjoy with this dish :)

Thit Heo Kho... $36
Close up on Thit Heo Kho
2. King salmon sashimi, not the freshest i have ever eaten but love the thickness of the sashimi. Nice to bite :)

King Salmon Sashimi, $20
3. Golden Crispy Silver Fish, love how this dish turns out, crispy with slight taste of salted egg yolk sauce... yum! The kids love them as they can hold it in their hands and enjoy!

Golden Crispy Silver Fish, $18
4. Asparagus with Crab Paste. Hubby love the crab paste sauce... asparagus is nicely done too.
Asparagus with Crab Paste, $26
Love how the view capture the kids attention so daddy and mummy gets to eat in peace after they finish their dinner

The interior once it gets dark
As we were here for the view, so of course must slowly eat, we eat from 6pm-7.30pm so we can slowly enjoy the view :)

Dessert time. We had Coffee Creme Brûlée, the creme brûlée is very smooth and the coffee taste is very distinct.. yum for a coffee lover like me :)

Our dessert
Yummy Creme Brûlée, $18
After meal, we stroll around the restaurant to enjoy the view. Overall, the food is reasonably good. Price is at the steep side though. I guess most people who visited would come for its view and for special occasions.
Time for some strolling after meal :)
MBS View
After meal, its time to enjoy the lantern which the kids has been anticipated. It started to drizzle!! Oh no!!!! We just wanted to begin our lantern walk.......luckily... after a while, drizzle stopped...yay!!!

Some of the nice display:

Peacock and birds
Busy posing

Pig from the 12 Zodiac Display
Boat sailing in the river
London signature red bus
8 deities cross the river
Very pretty "love bridge"
Big Ben and Tower Bridge
The lantern display spread across the river and the garden. One can easily spend 30-60 minutes here, enjoying the lantern, take photo etc...We had a great night out!

SuperTree by IndoChine
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Gardens by The Bay, 
Singapore 018953
Tel: +65 66948489

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thurs: 10am-12pm (Drinks), 12pm-1am (Meals and Drinks)
Fri and Saturday: 10am-12pm (Drinks), 12pm-2am (Meals and Drinks)

Updated September 2016- recently hubby went to SuperTree by Indochina for a business dinner, noted there is a minimum charge of $80 per person now for DINNER.

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