Monday, September 8, 2014

Cook: Ice Cream Soda/Orange Juice Snowskin Mooncake-Happy Mid Autumn Festival Everyone!

After my failed attempt at making moon cake few years ago, I have stopped making moon cake for a few years now. This year, i got the mood to making them again...

Tried making 3 types of moon cake this year.

1. Ribena Snowskin Mooncake with homemade yam fillings and melon seed- FAIL
---Snowskin is acceptable but the yam filling is not as nice as i would have expected. It was towards the wet side and there is this oily taste that i don't like....

Ribena Snowskin
Ribena Snowskin
2. Baked Traditional Mooncake with homemade yam filling and melon seed-FAIL
---The skin is too soft after 2 days of waiting to "chu4 you2" and again the yam fillings wasnt as what i would have expected. Also by Day 4, the moon cake starts to turn mouldy.

Baked Mooncake
Baked Mooncake with Yam Fillings
3. Ice Cream Soda/Orange Juice Snowskin Mooncake with Green Tea Green Bean paste and dried cranberries-SUCCESS
Finally, I gave up making fillings paste and decided to "guai1 guai1" use store-bought Green Tea Green Bean Paste (No Added Sugar Version), and make some snowskin using Ice Cream Soda and Orange Juice. It is nice, the sweetness of the Green Tea Green Bean Paste is balanced with a tinge of sourness from the dried cranberries :)

My Ribena Berries Mould saying "Yeah" to my finally successful attempt of moon cake
Nice colour, green and red in the fillings
(Make 4 large moon cake)

1. 120g cooked glutinous rice flour
2. 10g wheat starch
3. 30g of vegetable shortening
4. 60g of ice cream soda soft drink
5. 60g of orange juice
6. 10g of icing sugar


1. Mix all the ingredients above and combine well. Your snowskin is ready.
2. Combine premix paste (Store-bought) with some dried cranberries.
3. Wrap the premix paste with the snowskin and mould using moon cake template mould.
4. Refrigerate and serve cold.
5. Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!

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