Monday, June 16, 2014

Cook: The Making Of 爱玉冰 (Ai-yu Jelly)

Ai-yu Jelly
Difficulty: 2/5

My MIL bought me two packets of ai-yu seeds during her recent trip to Taiwan..The first time i came to know about this ai-yu seeds was during a few years back when my MIL made for me using the ai-yu seeds that she bought from Taiwan and I was amazed. As a kid, i used to love buying ai-yu jelly drinks from Pasar Malam but i never really know how they come from. I just think that is it a very nice drink and always will ask my mum to buy for me when she goes to buy food from the weekly Pasar Malam...

I am happy that now i finally know how ai-yu jelly is being made :)


1. One packet of ai-yu seed
2. 1500ml of boiled water , cool down to room temperature

Ai-yu seed

1. The packet of ai-yu seed will come with the seeds and two bags (as shown)
Two bags that comes with ai-yu seed
Close-up of ai-yu seed
2. Place the ai-yu seeds into one of the bag and tie tightly. Then place the bag into the other bag and tie tightly.

Put ai-yu seeds into double bag
3. Place the bag into the water and start rubbing, like how you hand wash clothes.
4. You will start feeling some sticky things coming out from the bag, continue rubbing until the water turns yellowish and there is no more sticky things coming out from the bag. I took about 10 minutes.

Started rubbing.. notice the water is clear
After 10 minutes of rubbing, water turns yellowish
5. Place the yellowish sticky water into fridge to chill for about 6 hours or until the water turns to jelly.
6. Serve with honey and lemon juice.
Ready to be placed into fridge
ai-yu seeds after rubbing, its a bit sticky


  1. my bro loves aiyu jelly very much! thanks for sharing..

    1. YF Cheng, :) you are very welcome! Enjoy! Eat them with lemon/lime juice and honey! It's very refreshing!

  2. Where to buy the ai yu jelly seeds?