Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Cook: Stir Fry Turnip Cake (萝卜糕)

After my successful turnip cake the other day, I decided to make it again. This time round, I omitted the dry shrimps, Chinese sausage, and mushroom and make plain turnip cake as I planned to stir fry them. 

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-5 person):

1. Steamed turnip cake using the recipe attached (left overnight in fridge to firm up)
2. Minced garlic
3. Cai Poh 
4. Fish sauce
5. A pinch of pepper 
6. 6 eggs
7. Spring onions


1. Cut the steamed turnip cake into small chunks.
2. Heat up oil in frying pan and stir fry the turnip cake chunks till it's lightly browned. Set aside.
3. In the same frying pan, add some oil and stir fry minced garlic and chai poh till fragrant.
4. Add in the turnip cake and mix well.
5. Drizzle fish sauce and pepper. Stir fry to mix well.
6. Beat the eggs and pour them over the turnip cake. Let the egg set a bit and then flip them over.
7. Add spring onions and stir fry for a while.
8. Serve hot! Enjoy!

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