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Eat: Italian Buffet @ Basilico, The Regent Singapore

Entrance to Basilico
I read about Basilico many times on the internet and so far the review on them has been positive. Many claims that they serve authentic Italian buffet spread, using fresh ingredients and I had to try it myself ... so, decided to visit Basilico with 2 of my school mates during one of our gathering. 

Today is the replacement public holiday for the Singapore National Day which falls on Saturday this year. Schools and some but not all private company has a replacement holiday on Monday, so we decided to give ourselves a treat at Basilico. Lucky for us, they are charging normal weekday buffet price today :) (we were quite happy cause when we call and make reservation, we were told that they will be charging Saturday buffet price)

Located on the second floor of The Regent Hotel, upon entering the restaurant, there is a grand centrepiece which display the selection of cheese, bread, and salad for appetiser.

Grand centrepiece
We were brought to our table which are ready for us as the section on the right side of the restaurant. I think they reserve this area for the customer with kids cause all of the table have kids... i think this is a good initiative cause kids tend to be a little noisier and they need some space to walk around so this area provides some space for kids to walk, view of the pool where the kids can enjoy watching people swimming and even interact with other kids and make friends.

High chair, plastic plate, bowl, cup and cutlery all ready for the kids.

Table ready for us, 3 adults and 2 kids, my boy quickly take his plate away , didn't manage to capture his plate into the pic
I wouldn't say that the buffet selection is extensive but they are of good quality food. The italian spread and the desserts stands out among the crowd.

The food are divided into few sections... there are a variety of cheese and tomatoes...
Selection of cheese and tomatoes
Salad sections...
Some of the more special salad...
Grilled pumpkin salad
Artichoke salad
Cold ham and salami sections with olive
Ham sections
*Photo courtesy of Miss Wendy
Bread sections..
Selection of bread
*Photo courtesy of Miss Wendy
Hot food sections.. grilled chicken, beef, sea bass and pock knuckle...

Hot food selection, grilled chicken, beef and grilled sea bass
Pork knuckle
Also selection of pasta and pizza...(photo of some yummy pasta towards the end of the blog)
As for pizza, i like the four cheese pizza which is one of the more popular flavour, it always ran out when i want to get a piece.. but i did manage to try and it is indeed very yummy!

Dessert selections... and also ice cream...

Dessert selection
Close up on some of the beautiful decorated cake...
Apricot and Rosemary Cheesecake
*Photo courtesy of Miss Wendy
Berry Tart
*Photo courtesy of Miss Wendy
Zuppa Inglese Dome Mousse Cake
*Photo courtesy of Miss Wendy

Some of the highlight from the buffet...

1. Mushroom soup... creamy and full of flavour mushroom soup. definitely not the kind that comes from a tin... can still taste of mushroom bits... yummy! Kiddos drank two servings each. It is that good!

Mushroom soup

2. Stir fry beef with asparagus. Pieces of well marinated beef, stir fry in chinese sauce and garnish with asparagus...
Stir fry beef with asparagus
3. Very chewy potato gnocchi , it is my first time tasting gnocchi and won't be my last.
Potato Gnocchi
4. Seafood pasta... cheese filled pasta cooked in creamy seafood sauce... can't help but to get a second serving. My boy loves it too!
Seafood pasta, Thumbs up!
5. Grilled chicken in parmesan cheese, very well marinated. Yummy!
Grilled chicken
6. Bourbon creme brûlée... a twist to conventional brûlée by adding bourbon, the alcohol taste is distinctive and give a different light to this dessert.
Bourbon Creme Brûlée
7. Vanilla panna cotta, creamy creamy and creamy.. very smooth also.. my boy finish one on his own...
Vanilla panna cotta, very creamy!
8. Peach sorbet, decorated by my girl....
Peach sorbet
9. Mango sorbet... soft and smooth mango sorbet... yummy!
Mango Sorbet
My plate of desserts....first and not my last.. had a few other servings too....

My plate of desserts

Overall, had a good time at Basilico.. love the good quality good. Ambience is perfect for chatting and had a slow lunch... as we were seated at a corner with cushioned seat.. with a view of the swimming pool.. just lazy around, had lunch and chat. The service by Mr Justin is very attentive, he tops up our water regularly, and clear our plates once we leave the table to get another serving. Kuddos for the great service.

Lunch Buffet: 12pm-2.30pm
Price: Adult $52++
Kids under 5 years old eat for free!

Level 2, 
The Regent Singapore
1 Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249 715.
Tel: 65 6725 3232

Lunch: 12-2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30-10pm

* For dinner, Basilico serves semi buffet.

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