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Play: Exploring Western Australia in Winter (Day 5 and Day 6)

After 4 days of fun and activities, we are gonna tone down for a bit for the next two days. As hubby needs to attend to some business matter, we are gonna go free and easy, and let the kids have some rest time to re-charge. 

Waking up to the complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel, and then chilling in the room. Little boy got tired after his shower, so he falls asleep shortly after his milk feed. Boy boy is not feeling very well too, having a slight fever so fed him with some panadol before letting him nap.

I didn't manage to get the panadol syrup so gave him the tablet instead, i calculated the dose and then try my very best to give him partial tablet... as there is a dose range with panadol, and it is a relatively safe drug so i wasn't worried about getting the exact dose. Plus, i don't have any weighing scale or anything like that to weigh.. of course the best is to give him the syrup cause besides the "agak" dose, the tablet is also quite bitter. Luckily boy boy is quite co-operative and didn't spit out.

Meanwhile, my little girl is watching cartoon on TV while her brother taking his nap...

Qin enjoys her apple...
For lunch, I cooked some porridge for them using the portable cooker which I introduced earlier in my previous post.

I read many comments from other parents about their worries that their kids won't eat bland porridge after introducing the kids to outside cook which are cooked with more flavour. So far, i don't have issue with that. Of course kids love to eat out, fries, soft drinks, dessert are definitely their favourites. However, i don't see the need to restrict the kids too much. I still let them eat out when we go out especially during travelling, i am sure the kids want to have fun too and it is not like we travel all the time. Even after eating out, my kids have no problem eating bland porridge whether it is after we come back from a short getaway or a long trip, or even during the trip itself... i do still cook porridge for them during the trip if it is a long trip. They are actually happy eating porridge after eating many meals out, so rather than restricting my kids and ended up they keep watching us eat outside food and craving for them...  i would rather let them taste outside food as long as they still eat their home cooked porridge whenever i cook for them... 

And it is always so sweet of them to say "thanks mummy for cooking porridge for me" whenever i feed them with home cooked porridge...

Enjoying their porridge
After lunch, the kids played for a bit and then took their afternoon nap. 

For dinner, we have a date with one of my student attachment which attach to the hospital that i worked for few years back... She is working is Perth and we meet up for dinner to catch up!

It was nice seeing her again after so many years and i am glad that she is doing well :)

Back to the hotel and i let the kids play a while at the family corner. There are some books and toys for them to play.

Jie jie reading book.
The following day, we decided to go on a shopping spree ....I found out about a outlet nearby called Harbour Town Outlet. It is not a big outlet but since we had the time, decided to check it out.

There is FOUR free CAT bus which runs in the city centre (BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and RED)and we made full use of it. However the bus doesn't stop near our hotel so we gotta walk about 10 minutes to the Royal Perth Hospital which is the nearest bus stop that has the CAT bus. There is two CAT bus which serves the Harbour Town Outlet, yellow and red CAT. We took the yellow CAT as it is a more straightforward route.

Link to the CAT bus route:CAT bus PERTH

On our way to the bus stop, we passed by Saint Mary's Cathedral....and the kids didn't miss a photo opportunity :)

Saint Mary's Cathedral as background
Saint Mary's Cathedral
The Yellow CAT come in less than 5 minutes, and at the bus stop, they even show how long before the next bus arrive.. .love this feature...

The bus is also wheelchair and stroller friendly, it has a ramp that the bus driver will lower down to let the stroller goes up. We also get priority boarding the bus...

On board...
It is a sunny day!
And we reached after 5 stops.. :)

CAT bus stop
One of the bus just arrived..
The bus stop in front of the outlet.. shopping time!

harbour town outlet
We shopped for a bit, then lunch. After lunch, explore a while more and then I went to the nursing room to feed little boy. 

The outlet town has 2 family rooms, each of them has 2 individual cubicle for breastfeeding, a kid's friendly toilet and a mini kitchen equip with sink and microwave.

Cubicle for nursing baby
Mini kitchen
Boy boy had a nap after feeding. Meanwhile mummy and girl girl continue our shopping trip. Girls are girls... jie jie is getting so pro at shopping now.. browsing and looking for the things that she likes...

Boy sleeps for about one hour plus, then woke up refreshed!

Some entertainment inside the Pumpkin Patch outlet store
Ended our shopping spree at about 4 plus. Time to get back to hotel for some rest! Bought a pair of sports shoe each for the kids (their first sports shoe), some clothes which are on sale...and medicine for my boy....

If you are expecting a very good price or variety at the outlet, you will be disappointed. It is ok to shop , walk a bit but the price aren't very cheap for most items and the variety isn't great either...

But we did manage to spend almost whole day there, and after dinner, kids are exhausted so had an early night! :)

Back to hotel.. posing with their new sports shoe!

Jie jie loves di di
Next up: King's Park and the highly recommended Ciao Italia Tiramisu in Perth

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