Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eat: Another Value for money buffet @ Kiseki, Orchard Central

After the popular value for money Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet., I have come across another value for money Japanese Buffet.

Kiseki, located at the 8th storey of Orchard Central shopping mall, is a pretty good deal. Lunch buffet starts at $19.80++ for weekday and $27.80++ for weekend. With it's extensive selection of good quality food and its prime location at Orchard Road, I must say it is a pretty good deal. Buffet-ing and shopping at Orchard on a weekday definitely sounds pretty cool and it doesn't burnt your pocket :)

For full pricing for lunch, dinner for both adult and children- check out here.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and most seats were taken up. We did make reservations one day earlier and was surprised that we manage to secure a place. Kids below 5 years old eat free so we only paid for 4 adults. Payment is made prior to entry to the restaurant and each customer is stamped with a UV-Visible stamp for re-entrance purpose. We were showed to our seats which overlooks the Orchard Road. 

For starters, there are plenty of sashimi, salads and cold soba, prawn to choose from....

Salmon sashimi is really fresh and I see many patrons gobbling down plates and plates of them. I guess this is one of the most worth-it dish so if you are a sashimi lovers, it is definitely worth it for you to come...No limits on the sashimi and it is yummy!

Salmon Sashimi
There are also other selection of sashimi and I particularly like the abalone and the squid. The squid is fresh and very creamy. Love how it goes chewy and creamy in the mouth!
Selection of sashimi-fish, octopus, abalone and squid
Salads, sauces and the Edamame is just next to the sashimi and my girl love the Edamame. After she finishes up her rice, I gave her a bowl of it and she just sit quietly and slowly peeling and savouring the beans.
Salad and sauce
Girl loves the Edamame
There are also cold soba, cold cooked prawn and mussels.
Soba, prawn and mussels
For the hot dishes, deep fried mashed pumpkin is a particular hit with my mum. She said it is nice sweet and crispy.
Fried stuff-fried pumpkin, gyoza, seafood tofu, chicken kaarage etc 
Olives, tomatoes etc
Another dish worth mentioning is their chawanmushi. Each of us had a bowl each including my 2 and 4 years old kiddos. They said very nice!
Chawanmushi-very nice!
We tried the hot pot but nothing fantastic.. good if u wanted to have something hot to drink
Hot pot
Their tempura is really good!Batter is very crispy and not too oily so one would not feel too oily after eating them.
Tempura-one of the highlight
Prawn tempura is our favourite as the prawn is really fresh. I do like the sweet potato tempura as well.
Prawn tempura-fresh prawn and crispy batter
Another favourite is Fried Salmon Head but I did not manage to capture a photo of it as the item ran out when I went for my photo taking. Yes, it is THAT POPULAR! My mum and hubby both tried it and give thumbs up!

Some other hot dishes, they have grilled corn and potatoes, chicken teriyaki etc...
Grilled corn, potatoes and grilled squid balls
Chicken teriyaki and sausages
Little boy enjoying his food...
Boy Boy enjoying his food
There are also a selection of drinks to choose from.. hot and cold. For hot, there is coffee, cappuccino,  green tea and some other tea selections. For cold drinks, they have soft drinks, calamansi, ice lemon tea etc.. If you just wanted cold or warm water, it is available as well...

Lastly, for desserts, there is mini chocolate fondue and marshmallow...some jelly....
Selection of jelly and chocolate fondue with marshmallow
I love the mango mousse mochi, I find it quite refreshing and chewy. Had quite a few of it..
Mochi-mango mousse and red bean
Chocolate mousse cake is quite nice as well. Had second servings too :)
Chocolate and vanilla mousse cake
Ice cream selection -- they have the usual flavours of chocolate, green tea and mango. Also an exotic flavour of wasabi.. and one could really taste the aftertaste of wasabi while having the ice cream... pretty special I must say...
Selection of ice creams
My selection of desserts-love the mango mousse mocha and chocolate mousse cake
Mango mousse mochi
Overall, I think Kiseki buffet is really value for money. For this price and its extensive good quality food, it is a steal. Service is good and our dirty plates are cleared efficiently. Food is constantly top up to sufficient quantity...Did I mention I love their cappuccino as well, i had 2 cups!!! Wouldn't be surprise if hubby and me decide to go back again :)

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