Monday, April 27, 2015

Cook: Healthier Choice Breakfast-Overnight Oats

Healthy Overnight Oats

I know I am totally out-of-date. The "hype" on overnight oats has died down and now here I am, starting to get addicted to it. I must say this is really a brilliant idea (whoever that thought of it). It is healthy and definitely fill the stomach better than usual breakfast. I could have a hearty breakfast (bread, sausages, egg) but doesn't retain the "fullness" as much as the oats. Definitely a good choice for diabetic patient as energy is released slowly rather in a short burst...

It is rather easy to make, just need to spend 15 minutes the night before and you can just take them out from the fridge and enjoy them in the morning. Nowadays, I make this as breakfast every 2-3 days and indeed is satisfying. Add in your favourite fruits, dried fruits or nuts and make a variety.

(Serves 2)

1. 8 tablespoons of instant oats (I used Quaker brand, any brand should do as long as the instant type)
2. 8 tablespoons of plain yogurt
3. Half a cup of fresh milk (or any amount to reach desired consistency)
4. 2-3 types of cut fruits (favourite fruits preferably the juicy type-orange, kiwi, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, passion fruits, banana, mango)
5. Dried fruits (raisins, cranberry) or nuts or chocolate or a mixture of those (as desired)


1. Prepare the cut fruits into bite size
2. Mix the oats, yogurts and fresh milk

Mixing Oats with yogurt and fruits
Add fresh milk to reach desired consistency
3. Add in some of the cut fruits (mini sizes-eg: passion fruits, mashed kiwi etc) and mix well
4. Add a layer of bite-size fruits at the bottom. Top with a layer of oats mixture, then another layer of another type of bite-size fruits and a layer of oat mixture.
5. Finally, top with dried fruits or nuts or chocolate or a mixture of those.
6. Keep in fridge overnight.
7. The next morning, give the whole thing a good mix using spoon and serve :)
8. Enjoy!

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