Monday, April 13, 2015

Cook: Pumpkin Yam Stick

Pumpkin Yam Stick
Crispy and yum!
Inspired by one of my casual meal at a hawker stall sometime back. Cant really remember where though, I just remembered they had this fried shredded yam which tasted good! I improvise and added pumpkin as well ... deep fried them and it is yummy!  Great as a side dish or just to munch.. :)

(Makes 20-25 pieces)

1. 300g of yam (cut into long, thin stick)
2. 250g of pumpkin* (cut into long, thin stick) 
3. An egg
4. Half a cup of plain flour
5. A pinch of salt (optional)

*For pumpkin, I uses butternut squash (those from Australia as they have less seed, thus easier to cut into long stick)
Pumpkin Yam Stick (before frying)

1. Peel off skin of the yam and pumpkin. Cut them into long and thin stick.
2. Add salt, egg and plain flour. Give them a good mix with hand.
3. In a non-stick pan, heat up oil.
4. Deep fried until the pumpkin yam stick turns golden.
5. Drip off excess oil and serve hot.
6. Enjoy!
Ready :)

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