Sunday, April 19, 2015

Play: Exploring Western Australia in Winter (Day 14-Final Day)

Day 14

Today will be our last day in Perth and we will be taking 5.10pm flight back to Singapore. Well, of course we would make use of our last few hours in Perth to visit few more places. 

We have more or less packed our luggage the night before so in the morning, we squeeze the rest of our stuff in and we are off to few more adventure.

We didn't have time to explore Swan Valley yet so we took the chance to visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. There are some chocolates for sale, and some for sampling. Also, a cafe if you want to sit down and have something to eat. Behind the glass, one could see the staff making chocolates. However, we were quite disappointed that there is no tour for the chocolate factory.

Sampling free chocolate
The free chocolate sampling has no limits, as long as you scoop them onto your hand and no takeaway.. so you can eat as much as you like. Of course the kids went crazy with the sampling :)
Many people queuing of the samples... there is white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
Next up, we went to Cuddly Animal Farm to finish up our fresh vegetables that we bought during the trip. We still have some pumpkin and carrots left..

Feeding the goats
Kids happily feeding
Mummy join in the feeding fun...
Finally, finished up all the food for the animal and it is time for the kid's meal...I cooked porridge for them in the morning and kept warm inside a thermos...
Lunch time...
Love using thermos because it keeps the food warm and it is easy to scoop out and feed...
Feeding straight from the Thermos...
After the kids finished up their lunch.. girl girl went for a pony ride @ AUD$5. One could just went to ticket counter and buy a card coupon and pass to the pony ride staff. Then it entitles to one time pony ride.. see how happy our girl is...

Boy boy didnt want to ride as he is scared so we didnt force him... we just stand aside and watched jie jie riding pony.
Pony rides..
There are still a bit of time before our flight so hubby and me had lunch at Chesters of Heafod Glen. The kids already had their meal so they just munch a bit of our food.

The restaurant is quite kids friendly and both kiddos got a colouring pack and somethings to work on while waiting for the food.

Colouring time
Nice fireplace

Food has arrived and we did rush them a bit as we have a flight to catch. I had braised duck and it comes with fried tofu at the side.. pretty fusion I must say.. not the best duck I tasted though...
Duck and tofu
Hubby's dish is mediocre too....
Mini steak
We were quite disappointed as the review for this place is actually quite good. Anyway we are pretty late for check in so we quickly depart, drove to the airport, return our car and we are on our way home.

Overall, we had a good trip... love the weather, the koalas, the kangaroo, the dolphins and the tiramisu... Perth, we will be back! Till then...adios!

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