Monday, April 6, 2015

Play: Fairy Tales Unfold at TulipMania @ Garden by The Bay

The last time we visited Flower Dome @ Garden by The Bay is about 2 years plus ago, when I am still pregnant with boy boy... Time flies, boy boy is now 28 months old, big boy already.

From now till 10 May 2015, Garden by The Bay will be displaying tulips with fairy tales theme. 

Fairy tales unfold at Tulipmania
Entrance tickets can be purchased on-site or you could skip the Q by purchasing the tickets online. This time round, we only purchase the tickets for Flower Dome as we had visited the Cloud Forest before. After payment is made, an email with barcode will be send to ur email and we just need to present the email at the entrance and upon scanning the bar code, we enter the Flower Dome, very fuss-free and no need for ticket collection :)
Some video and photo display before entering the main Flower Dome display area

There is a booth just at the entrance to the Flower Dome which gives out free paper crown for all the princess and prince out there. There is also a staff helping visitors to take photos at the main entrance.
Us at the entrance!

Kiddos with the white orchid... look how big En Xin has grown...
We spend some time admiring the flowers at the permanent flower exhibitions and took some nice photos as well.
Nice hydrangea :)

And then it is time for fairy tales to unfold ....
Fairy tales unfold at Garden at The Bay

Candy house seen from afar...
Cinderella Carriage and the sparkling shoes
Snow Queen

And the tulips.... they are so pretty especially the half bloom type... 

Since we have not had the chance to see tulips in Holland in spring, Garden by The Bay did a good job bringing them to us :) Definitely one of the best theme at Garden by The Bay...

Love the yellow one...especially those not in full bloom

Purple tulips
Full bloom tulip
Before we leave, the windmill greets us goodbye :) 

It is a nice exhibition overall, covered and with air con in the conservatory so one could visit the Flower Dome throughout the day, whether it is sunny or rainy. 

Flower Dome is open daily 9am-9pm and the Tulipmania exhibition will be until 10 May 2015, so make your way down if you would like to enjoy the spectacular display of flowers :)

After the trip, we had lunch at Bakerzin which serves good Aglio Olio and Carbonara. 

The outside of the garden which house the SuperTree Grove is free of charge and it is nice to walk around as well, especially in the evening or at night. 

Singapore Eye afar
Kiddos spend some time using up their energy running around the garden...
Running around

And end up really tired and had a good sleep when we get home...
Really tired after the trip

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