Monday, May 26, 2014

Eat: Seafood Galore at Restoran Super Lobster, Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia

Date Visited: 2nd May 2014 (Friday)

Found this gem when we visited Pengerang last year.... The food is consistently good (on the two occasions that we were there).. so re-visit this restaurant again during our recent trip to Desaru.

This restaurant is situated near to the Jade Garden Restaurant , one of the more famous restaurant in Pengerang. It is the row of shops behind the Jade Garden and this restaurant is facing the sea. 

This time round, we were not disappointed as well.

These are the dishes that we ordered. Personally, i love the lobster, clams, crab and squid.. it is really very yummy.

Lobster in stewed soup: The flavour of the stew compliment the lobster well and each mouthful of the stew soup taste like heaven.

Stewed soup lobster: RM 128 ( 2 lobster cut in half, so good enough for 4 adults)

lobster (sideview)

Salted egg crab: A nice blend of salted egg with chilli padi adds great taste to the crab. The crab is fried beforehand and it is nice and crispy.

Salted egg crab: RM 54 (one crab)

Fried Mini Squid: the squid is crunchy and the sauce compliments it well

Fried mini squid with BBQ sauce : RM 16

Clams: Nicely done.. with a hint of spiciness

Clams: RM 18

Vegetable: it is the crunchy type, hubby loves it but not to my liking

Vegetable: RM 14
Steamed Hong Gui Fish: the fish is very fresh but i wasn't blown away by it (hubby loves it though)

Steamed Hong Gui Fish: RM 46
20, Jalan Siakap, Sungai Rengit,
Pengerang, Johor.

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