Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cook: Good for cough_Double boiled apple apricot seed soup.

Double boiled apple apricot seed soup

Difficulty: 1/5

Recently, my son has been coughing so i decided to cook this double boiled apple apricot seed soup for him. This is a passed down recipe from my mum. I will cook this whenever my kids have cough and depending on the severity of the cough, one or two doses of this soup will do the trick.

Do give it a try if you or your kids are having cough, after all ,the ingredients are simple, it is easy to cook and no harm drinking some apple/apricot seed soup :)

For the apricot seed, buy the 南北杏 and not the 南杏 or 北杏.


1. One red apple
2. A handful of 南北杏 (apricot seed)


1. Cut the apple into 4 pieces and remove the core of the apple.
2. Place the apple and 南北杏(apricot seed) into a bowl or chinese pot (those used to double boil soup)
3. Add water until it just cover the apple
4. Place the bowl or chinese pot into a big pot and boil for 30 minutes

A handful of apricot seed
The apricot seed (buy the 南北杏 as shown on the packaging)

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