Friday, September 2, 2016

Eat: International Buffet at Colony, Ritz Carlton Hotel (Singapore)

September school holiday has started and I brought the kids around Singapore to sight see the local attractions. They have recently learn about the Merlion, Singapore River and Esplanade as a part of getting to know Singapore syllabus during National Day (couple of weeks ago) so I thought it would be quite nice to bring them to these places while it is still fresh in their mind.

After visiting the Esplanade, we walked over to Ritz Carlton Hotel for a lunch treat. The review online is good and kids below 6 years old eat for free so we have decided to dine here. 

The selection is wide and the quality of food is good. 

For the appetiser, there is really lots of choices....

Their cheese is very nice and yummy. My son kept refilling the camerbet cheese.
Selection of cheese
There is also a selection of cured meat for the Italian lovers...
Selection of cured meat..
Huge selection of bread...
My favourite is the Alaskan Crab, it is really very fresh, succulent and sweet..I had to have a second serving.
Cold selection..
The staff who is taking care of our section is very attentive. Once she sees that we took the Alaskan Crab, she came over and place the crab cracker on our table. She also gives us some lemon water to wash our hand.

Salad selection is quite wide for those who loves salad. I only tried the duck meat, didnt manage to try the rest.
Wide variety of mix and match salad
There is also some sashimi and sushi section which I did not manage to take the photos. 

For the hot food,

there is also a huge selection (chinese stir fry, western, indian, noodle soup, pasta, roasted chicken rice, malay satay etc)- definitely you will have something that you like...

I did not manage to take photo of each and every dishes... these are some of the one that I took

Cereal prawn is HUGE!
Pineapple rice
Kung Pao Chicken
Popadom and Nan Bread
Curry and Biriyani 
Sauces for Indian cuisine
Fish infused with curry sauce- love the presentation of this dish
Satay.. I did not try but the kids love it!
Lamb stew, roasted chicken
Brocollini, pumpkin

Roast beef
My favourite is the desserts.....they are all so pretty looking and a couple of them is really very very good!

The only downside is there is no sign for the desserts so I am not sure what is what.. have to take and try....

Selection of desserts...
So nice and colourful
Chocolate tart, yum!
Pretty swiss roll, i didnt try but my daughter likes it!
These are amazing. Hazelnut praline in chocolate, super yummy. I had a couple...
I didnt try this...
I didnt try this too but looks pretty
Tiramisu, Oh.. this is super good!
Pretty cake with tonnes of raspberry
Some custard cake...

Chocolate mousse , this is so so only..
Fruits in jelly
Selection of truffles, chocolates and sweets (the truffle and chocolate is nice!)
Local kueh selection.
Ice cream

Some of the things we ate...

Cold platter.. love the alaskan crab and the camembert cheese
Drinks are inclusive in the buffet. You can get the cappuccino , coffee or tea and the staff will serve it to you. Warm and cold water on request, served on the table as well. Fruit juices can be obtain from the station (apple, orange, mango, grapefruit, cin cao, blueberry ice tea- so many choices for the fruit juices)
Lobster ball from the noodle booth...
Crepe suzette (made on site when requested- very very yummy)
Tiramisu which I adore... 
Ice cream and chocolate...
Overall, I think this buffet is really nice. Prices for weekday lunch is pretty reasonable and there is a couple of credit card discount (DBS, UOB and Citibank). Selection is really good and the spread is very fresh, dessert is very tasty and the hot food selection is good too! Lots of variety to suits everyone's need. There is not much lunch buffet that serves Alaskan Crab so I think that is a steal. Kids below 6 eats for free which is good (as most buffet have the age limit of 4 or 5).

Staff is very attentive and they clear the plates fast. Thumbs up for that!

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