Monday, January 12, 2015

Cook: Kuih Keria (Sugar-coated Sweet Potato Doughnut)

Kuih Keria is one of my childhood favourite kuih. Each time my mum asked me what kuih I want to buy from our favourite Malay Kuih Stall, this would be one of it... I like how the crispy coating reveal the soft and chewy centre....

I am not sure what it is called in English but if I just translate it based on the "kuih", I will named it Sugar-coated Sweet Potato Doughnut...
A bite reveal whats inside... soft and chewy!
Kuih Keria!
It is pretty simple to make this and if you would like to prepare them beforehand, you can mould the doughnut into its shaped and keep it inside the fridge overnight, and deep fry them in the morning for breakfast!

(Makes 12 sweet potato doughnut)

1. 650g sweet potato , cut into small pieces
2. 65g tapioca starch
3. 65g plain flour
4. Oil for frying
5. Half cup of white sugar
6. 3 teaspoon of water


1. Peel off the skin of the sweet potatoes and cut them into small pieces.
2. Steam them until soft as shown in photo.
Steamed Sweet Potato
3. Let the steamed sweet potatoes cool down for a bit until you hand can hold them, then add the tapioca flour and plain flour. 
4. Mix well using hand, kneading them.
Add flour and mix with hand
Done mixing.. time to mould them
5. Shaped them into a doughnut shape using hand.
Sweet potato rings
6. Deep fry the sweet potato doughnut using medium to high heat until it is golden brown. Make sure the oil cover at least half of the doughnut.
Deep fry with medium to high heat
Golden brown
7. Drain off the excess oil and set aside the doughnut.
8. In another pan, heat up sugar until it melted. (This may take a while--probably 5-10 mins)
9. Once the sugar melted, add a little water and make them into thick syrup. Place the potato doughnut into the sugar syrup and coat them evenly.
Melted sugar
10. Remove the doughnut and you can see the sugar coating turning white once it cooled off (which is pretty fast)
11. And it is ready! Enjoy!

P/S: For those who wanted to cut down on their sugar intake, you can eat them as it is... no need to coat with sugar....
Kuih Keria ready for afternoon tea

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