Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cook: Time to Snack on some Purple Potatoes Stick

Deep Fried Purple Potatoes Stick with Icing Sugar
Purple potatoes is one of my favourite, love the colour and also its sweetness. On top of that, good source of fibre too :)

Twisted one of the kuih keria recipe and made some potato stick instead ... its texture is slightly chewy and even without the icing sugar, it tasted good. With the addition of icing sugar, it looks prettier and kids will definitely go for it!

Chewy centre :)
Have it without icing sugar is nice too (though it looks like sausages here :p)
*UPDATED: My second attempt, this time round, using sweet potatoes instead. Hubby said, very nice!!! 

Second Attempt-Using Sweet Potatoes
Chewy Inside
(Made 12 sticks)

1. 300g of purple potatoes (can use sweet potato too)
2. 30g of all purpose flour
3. 30g of tapioca flour
4. Oil for deep frying
5. Icing sugar to sprinkle on top (optional)


1. Peel off skin of the purple sweet potatoes and cut them into small pieces.
2. Steam them until soft.
3. Let it cool down for a while and mashed them using fork.
4. Sieve the all purpose flour and tapioca flour into the mashed sweet potato, and knead until well combine using hand (as shown).

5. Shape them into a long rectangle or any shape you like.

Ready to fry
6. Add oil into a frying pan (i only added enough to cover half of the potato dough, so that won't waste oil). Once the oil is hot, add the potato stick and deep fried until it is cooked (as shown)
7. Let it cool down for 1-2 minutes, then serve hot or sprinkle with icing sugar and served.
8. Enjoy!

P/S: The potato stick can be prepared beforehand the night  before and kept in fridge. Deep fry/bake them the next morning for a quick brekkie. If you would like to do so, prepare the potato stick up until Step 5, then cover with cling wrap and keep in fridge. 

I have a couple of enquiry on whether the potato stick can be baked instead of deep fry. I tried baking them once... What I did was to coat the potato stick with some oil and bake them until golden. 

Verdict: Yes, they can be baked but definitely not as crispy as deep dry... 

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