Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eat: Wine Connection Bistro HillV2

I have recently started a part time job and with my first salary of the year, I am giving my hubby and kiddos a treat at Wine Connection Bistro, a newly open restaurant in HillV2 shopping mall. I have previously blogged on a fast food joint at HillV2 as well (read here if interested). There are quite a number of restaurant at this new shopping mall and it is relatively easy to get car parking space so we are quite happy to visit this mall again.
Wine Connection Bistro
There is a value 2 courses lunch set at $18 for weekday lunch with quite a good selection of main courses including BBQ Ribs, Beef Sirloin, Grilled Sea Bass etc.
Weekday Lunch Set
Our first impression wasn't very pleasant as the restaurant does not serve complimentary warm/ice water. They have a great selection of wine, alcohol drinks, juices, coffee etc and sparkling or still water. However, since we are already here and we are pretty hungry so we ordered 2 main courses and a basket of bread (ya, no complimentary bread either)

Bread is served warm and nice. Butter is a little too hard though making it hard to spread on the bread. Love how the bread is warm and soft, goes really well with butter as well.
Warm homemade bread, $3
Parma Fettuccine is just nice for me but rather bland for hubby unless you eat each mouthful with the parma but overall i am satisfied with this course.
Fettucinne Parma-Truffle $15
Hubby is really pleased with this Spanish Paella which comes with generous amount of chorizo sausage, mussels and 4 huge pieces of chicken. He commented that this is one of the nicer paella he had ever tasted...
Paella for 2 person, $28
Spring water itself cost $7 which is a huge turn off (plus it is really not a big bottle) but other than that, food is relatively good. Another point worth mentioning is that the price on the menu is already inclusive of service charge, thus will only be charged an additional 7% of government tax on final price...

In terms of child friendliness, they do offer high chair but doesn't have plastic plate/bowl or cutlery so kids ended up using porcelain plate...

A relatively good choice if you are looking for somewhere with less crowds during weekend, but we are unlikely to be back as hubby is really turned off by the chargeable spring water...Otherwise quite a good place to chill and relax and enjoy the food!

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