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Journey down memory lane (Day 2 - 12 March 2015)

Day 2

Waking up at 3.30 am this morning due to jet lag ( It is already 11.30 am in Singapore), spend some time blogging on first day of my trip and about 6.15 am, hubby and me went out for a walk to catch the sunrise at 6.28 am. Sunrise is pink purple-ish and it is pretty. 

Pink sunrise
This is the farmhouse that we stayed in for 2 nights. The owner stays here as well and have 3 bedrooms up for Bed and Breakfast. The owner's grandchildren stays here as well when we are here and they are really friendly, was waving to us when we strolled the outside of the house. Later on, during breakfast time they played with me as well, sharing their toy car and truck. The elder grand-daughter even asked why I walked outside so early in the morning as it was cold...
Our farmhouse stay in Salisbury for 2 nights
Lodge Farmhouse
Hubby's banana milk chilling at the window (UK is really a huge fridge)
We had breakfast at about 7 am that day as we woke up real early. Hubby is making toast :) We also have a selection of cereal and yogurt. There is some hot breakfast selection that the host will prepare for us upon request (can have eggs, bacon, sausages, mushroom and/or tomatoes). We particularly love her sauteed mushroom, it tastes amazing!

Best of all, the view from the dining room is amazing. Endless grass and mountain views...It was a little foggy when we are here, otherwise the view would be even better according to an Englishman which we met over breakfast. He stays in London but works near Salisbury so he stays at Lodge Farmhouse at least 2-3 times a week.
Hubby making toast
The selection of jam and butter to go with toast. Also showing the breakfast selections available.
A cosy dining room for 6 guests with a great view.
View while having breakfast-I could have breakfast with this view anytime, it is so pretty!
We showered after breakfast and while I get ready, hubby enjoying a glass of banana milk while enjoying the view from our window. We left the farmhouse at about 9 am in the morning and drove about 15 minutes to Salisbury town. We visited the famous Salisbury Cathedral which houses one of the 4 surviving copies of Magna Carta. The cathedral is magnificent and huge and we were in awed when we reached. There is no entrance fees to the cathedral but a donation of 6 pounds 50 pence is encouraged. 

Parking in United Kingdom mostly are quite similar. Park at designated parking area and insert coins. The machine will show how long the coins will last you, so just come back before the time ends or add extra coins until the desired parking timing. After confirming the timing, the parking coupon will be printed and just display it at your car. There are some limits to the parking time, some places for 2 hours and some for 4 hours. After 5-6 pm, most places doesn't require parking fees anymore.

Parking at Salisbury City
Salisbury Cathedral standing in awe
We love the inner garden and enjoy walking around the inner part of the cathedral, enjoying the grass view.
Inner garden
There is a Magna Carta exhibition going on currently and it explains what happened and why Magna Carta is written, the material used etc. I didn't take a photo of the Magna Carta but it is a piece of animal skin with lots of tiny words written on it, probably size slightly bigger than A4 size. Most of the words are abbreviated to save spaces as the animal skin is very pricey at the time it was written. The words also is written as small as it could to save space. There is a nice chatty uncle which helps out at the exhibition who kept me entertained while we wait for the exhibition area to open at 10 am.
What happened and why Magna Carta is written.
The material used
Using these to write
We left Salisbury at 10.15 am for Stonehenge which is 20 minutes away. Passed by a PIG farm.. it is my first time seeing PIG in UK. Usually will see cow, horse, sheep.. didn't know they have PIG farm as well. The stench is really significant when we passed by the pig farm...

Little piggy
And well, we are here at the English Heritage Site, STONEHENGE! We queue up for tickets and there is a bus waiting to drive us to the STONES! 

Bus ride is about 8 mins and one can choose to alight halfway and walk to stonehenge (additional 25 mins walk) while admiring some other smaller stones. The wind is really strong hence we decide to take the bus until the nearest drop off point. Complimentary audio guide is provided as well.

Opening times and admission charges
The first thing that greets us is not the magnificent stonehenge but rather the strong smell of sheep's shit. There are quite a number of sheep and lamb around the area and their waste product's smell is rather prominent. Well, you do get used to it after a few minutes. 

Basically it is just a couple of stones around. The history is rather interesting cause why would people carry the stones to this particular spot and arrange them in such a shape. Some of the stones are bought from nearby county but some can be as far as Cardiff. Even in the current modern time, driving takes about 2 hours. Can you imagine the people at that time carry the rocks (huge rocks) and rolling them all the way from Cardiff just to arrange them in this particular shape. I think it is a big project at that point in time and it does hold significant meaning. 

Though we cant really appreciate it but since we are here, time to take some photos! We quickly walk around cause it is really windy. We spent about 30 mins walking around and listening to the audio guide and then we took the bus back to the visitor centre area. Had a quick cup of hot chocolate and a cheese onion pie and we are on our way to Bath.

Some tourist-y picture
Couple shot

More pics of stonehenge

Bath is about an hour away from Stonehenge and we reached at about 1.15 pm. After finding a place to park (It is 3 pounds and 10 pence for 2 hours of parking), we had our lunch at Roman Bath Kitchen which is just opposite the Roman Bath Museum. Food is good and live up to our expectation as we read many good reviews about this restaurant.

My cuppa cappucinno,  £2.85
Hubby's fish and chips are wonderfully fried. Soft and juicy fish covered in a crispy and well concocted batter. It is the best I had eaten. They served the whole fish too and not just a small fillet.
Fish and chips (£11.95)  served wrapped- look at the crispy batter!
Gave this dish a try and it did not disappoint...Baked whole cheese in garlic, honey and walnut. It is really soft and slightly mushy inside and it goes well with the bread. However, the portion is rather large so really need to share between a few good friends.
Baked whole camerbert cheese served with bread and vegetable (£ 13.95)
Close up of my baked Camerbert cheese with walnut, honey and garlic
Roman Baths Kitchen where we had our lunch
Bath Abbey standing just next to the Roman Bath Museum
Roman Bath is one of the best museum I have been... Hubby and myself, we are not really a museum person so we usually get bored pretty easily but this place, it caught both our attention. The bath itself is located below the street level. Upon entering, one can walk around the statues on the street level and listening to the complimentary audio guide provided. Then there are some walkway leading down to the main bath area below. While walking pass, you will pass by many path that is used and walked by previous Roman... It is kinda nice walking , seems like bringing back the past. The Roman believes that the bath is a sacred place and the water can heal. There are two bathing area (one for the male and one for female with their respective changing rooms)
Entrance to the Roman Bath
Roman Bath below the street level
The restoration of the original site is well done as well. It was constructed by placing the pieces to where it originally belong. The area whereby the pieces are not found are just left as it is... did not try to use artificial/new piece to replace.. otherwise will be too fake.
Love how they try to reconstruct the original building by placing the pieces at their original place
The Goddess Sulis played a part in the life of the Romans, it seems that the priest will be looking after the Goddess Sulis statue and make sure that light is shined on the Goddess' face at all times.
Head of Sulis, the Roman Goddess
At the end, we also join in the trend to throw coins into one of the smaller bath area...the money will be used for charity purposes anyway so not really wasted. 

And before we leave, we had a mouthful of "treated" bath water....yucks.. taste of chemical... We aslo took some photos with effect as well before exiting this wonderful and pretty place...We spend about an hour here, slowly admiring and taking in the history, really a great place. By the way, entrance fees is £ 14 pounds and definitely much worth it than Stonehenge.
Trying out some effect of the photo
Roman Bath in black and white
Spend about 30 mins in the town centre for some shopping as Banana Republic is having sales (many items on sales and additional 25% off sales item). Even hubby bought 3 shirts for himself... Since he rarely buy and the sales is real good, so he just grab!

Drove back to Salisbury. We dropped by the town to get some food to warm up for dinner. Stop by for a cup of drinks at Cafe Nero as well. Ordered mocha and comes with a little too much cream... I love cream but I am worried about my waistline (and I didnt even ask for extra cream)

Cream like a volcano
Sipping my cup of mocha with lots of cream
Drink before heading back
We went Tesco after our drinks and then drove back to Lodge Farmhouse to heat up our microwaved dinner. The chicken tikka from Tesco is real good and yummy!

Tomorrow, we will be driving down to London for our 3 Michelin Star dining experience at Gordon Ramsey and then we will be driving up to Nottingham city to reminiscence our university days! Cant wait for that.. Nottingham is the highlight of our trip for both hubby and me!

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