Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eat: Rise Buffet @ MBS

My kiddos and me had a great lunch buffet at Rise :) I read mixed reviews of the buffet spread at HungryGoWhere and was deciding whether i wanna take the risk and go ahead to try them. As most of the bad reviews were older and good reviews are newer, i take it that they have improve their food quality so decided to give it a try. 

The spread is actually quite good. IMHO, i would say if u haven't try before, should give it a try.... but i might not go back soon as it is generally good but nothing very very fantastic.

Weekday lunch is priced at $48++ per pax and kids under 5 eat for free, so both my kiddos are free :) 

It is situated at the hotel lobby so if you are from the shopping mall, from B1 Raphl Lauren, walk towards the hotel side, then take escalator up to the hotel lobby. If you take cab to MBS hotel, it is just next to the taxi stand, you will be able to spot it once you enter the hotel.

riSe is an open concept restaurant so it is very bright, but also sun can shine in... it is not hot though, just sunlight.. there are some seats that are shaded as well so if you doesn't want the sun to shine on u, request for the shaded seats. As i wanted to sit near to the food so that I can monitor my 2 kiddos more effectively, we chose to sit at the area with sunlight so it was ok, not too hot...  

Entrance to the open concept restaurant!
Open concept seats
We reached about 12.30pm and were directed to one of the seats by a lovely waitress. High chair is available for little kids, as well as plastic cutlery for the little ones... Service is good, as my son make quite a bit of mess while eating (as usual), the floor are beneath where he seated was cleaned promptly... and the auntie who clean it even chat with us... say it is ok, don't worry about the mess, just enjoy your meal... 

Iced water and warm water is served complimentary but other drinks are chargeable (coffee, tea, etc)

I am ready!
Spread is quite good... there are salads, sashimi, sushi, some pretty starters, cheese spread. For main course, there are mini burger, indian cuisine, spaghetti, chinese fried rice, kung bao chicken. And for desserts, there is chocolate fondue with lots of strawberries, marshmallow, selection of cakes, chocolates (even have hershey kisses), chendol, biscotti, ice cream etc.

Selection of bread
Selection of cheese
Sushi corner
Chocolate fondae-look at big bowl of strawberries
Cakes selection
More cakes
Even more desserts

Portugese tarts and pineapple strudel -didnt try these
Chocolate pudding-didnt try too

Some of the highlights:

1. Fish truck burger, love the juicy fish burger with soft bread bun...coupled with a nice sauerkraut , yummy!
Fish truck burger
2. Pork Rillet in Apple Jelly... this is yummy! Didn't see any jelly though, more like apple juice.

Pork Rillette with Apple Jelly
3. Elementaler Cheese- my kids love them...

4. And i like the almond flakes and the cream brie cheese
Cheese and almond flakes
5. The long rectangle cheese biscuit are yummy too! I had quite a bit of that..
Cheese biscuit
6. Panna Cotta, very yummy. Creamy and they use vanilla seeds... can see the seeds... yum!
Strawberry panna cotta
7. Coffee Swiss Roll.. very soft and coffee taste is good.
Coffee Swiss Roll
8. Again this is very creamy, a little too sweet though... nice if eat with the sour mini fruits on top... maybe should put more of the fruits.. haha!
Creme Caramel
9. Ice cream selection. Personally i like the strawberry basil sorbet the most.. very good! Vanilla also not bad and again can see vanilla seeds, i think the food really quite good quality.... mint ice cream so-so only!
Ice cream-vanilla, strawberry basil and mint
This is my little girl, enjoying her cheese selections and carrot...
Enjoying her cheese and carrot!
And dessert time for us....
My daughter's selection of dessert
My son's dessert selection
My selection of desserts
After meal, naughty boy started to play around... lucky he still well behaved and sit properly on his chair while mummy finish off my food :)
Started his playing time
Realise i didnt take much pictures of the savoury stuff though.... the XO fried rice is quite nice, and they have this grilled fish which is not bad...i love the nan bread too but don't dare to eat too much (scared too full). 

Fruits selection is quite good too (Gold kiwi, dragon fruits, star fruits etc)

Overall, selection is good and i think the food quality is not too bad (especially when they use vanilla seeds for their desserts). But nothing really strike me to re-visit anytime soon but i am glad we tried it.... :)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore
Hotel Lobby. Tower 1
10 Bayfront Avenue 
Tel: +65 6688 5525

Lunch: 12pm-2.30pm

Adult: $48++ , Kids: $24++ (above 5 years old)

Link to riSe website for other opening hours and buffet prices: riSe Restaurant MBS

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