Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Eat and Play: KL Genting Getaway April 2014 (Part 2)

Day 4

We will be checking out from Sunway Hotel today and then head to Genting for second part of our hols.

It was raining after breakfast so no pool time today for the kids. ended up playing in the bathtub while daddy mummy packing up our stuff before checking out today.

yakult  breakfast time
one more yakult for today
Mummy is excited to see drive through starbucks... :) 

first ever starbucks drive through experience
Meet up with hubby's colleague for lunch at the "wen dong jiang" restaurant. 

listening to daddy's lecture
yummy fish and ginger chicken mee noon
Reached Genting, checked in and we got a room with a view... :)

what is left from outdoor park
watching fantastica promo roadshow on stage
The complimentary outdoor theme park whole day pass is only applicable on the day we reached... so  we quickly start playing....
deer ride
brave qin sits alone in train ride

Kids sleep quite early today cause had a tiring day travelling and playing.

Day 5

Waking up in cooling Genting and leisurely stroll to have complimentary buffet breakfast at first world cafe (Level 3)

Eating bread

Showering after buffet and enjoying his yakult (bring from kl.. haha)

good morning...
Leisurely enjoying the morning in the room while the kids play themselves.

Finally around noon time, daddy and mummy mustered strength to go out of the room, went and exchange ticket for fantastica show tonight at Genting International Showroom.

After that went for train ride for the kids, the two of them enjoyed it very much. Boy boy keeps saying 'vroom vroom' after the ride, complete with action of him riding the train.

happy time
enjoying themselves
Lunch at "hao you ji". We had fish, soup, dried bak kut teh.. everyone enjoyed the food. 

nice fish
After lunch, play at amusement park again...
so fun!
duck "fishing"-- no luck though... didn't manage to win anything
kiddy rides
having fun

After lunch and play , went back hotel for nap. After the kids fall asleep, mummy went shopping and bought clothes... :))) on offer!!!

Pretty lilac dress @ RM 29 from Padini
Super handsome shirt @ RM 39 from padini
Dinner at kenny rogers. we had buy 2 sets free 1 set of quarter chicken meal courtesy of Berjaya Corporation....

kenny roger quarter meal - comes with 3 sides and a muffin
After dinner is fantastica show... Girl enjoyed but boy boy start to run around....Hubby had to bring him out to let him play outside so that won't disturb others.

halfway through started to walk around
After the show, we had a late supper before going back to sleep...
kiddy rides while waiting for jie jie to eat her supper at McD
yummy tiramisu @40% off for night supper after the kids sleep
Day 6

Final day of our trip...

having their last bottle of yakult for the trip
Had drive through starbucks again. this time, we redeemed a free coffee from Berjaya Corporation....

Drove all the way back to Yong Peng again for late lunch cum dinner.... and that marks the end of our trip!

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