Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eat: My First Three Michelin Star Experience @ Gordon Ramsey Restaurant, Chelsea, London

During our recent trip to United Kingdom, we manage to secure a reservation at Gordon Ramsey and it is definitely one of the best meal we ever had!

We drove in from Salisbury to London and manage to reach in 2 hours (after the horrendous traffic in London)
We reached!
We were first greeted with a warm welcome by the waiter at the reception area and our coat were taken for safe keeping. We were lucky that we manage to get a reservation for this restaurant. Initially, reservations are full when we tried to book it online via their online reservation system. Thus, I emailed the restaurant to request to be put on waiting list and few days later, we manage to secure a table! 

For those who wanted to dine here, do book your tables early once your holiday plan is firmed. Do note that the restaurant would require a credit card to secure the booking and in the event of no show, a particular amount would be deducted, do check out their website for more information. Oh ya, and they are quite particular about dress code, thus no sneakers, T-shirt, jeans are allowed. If you are travelling and would love to dine here, do bring an extra sets of formal clothes :)

After our coats were taken, we were brought to a cosy small dining area with about 10-15 tables. All tables are well set with white and silver tableware and we were seated at the side of the restaurant, facing the middle of the restaurant. We do note that all the chairs are placed in such a manner that the diners faced the middle of the restaurant, probably so that the waiter could easily explained the courses for us which they did for all the food that we ordered and served. 

Nice plating that greets us at the table
Service is slow and steady. We were first asked if we would like to start with a drink. I had  Moscato d’Asti ‘Bricco Quaglia’, La Spinetta, Piedmont which is a sweet wine that was recommended and it is fantastic! Hubby had Diet Coke and we both shared a bottle of still water as well. I would say that their drinks are priced reasonably for their establishment. 

A bottle of Evian Still Water (probably 750ml-1L) is priced at £ 4.50 and my wine cost £8. I think it is quite reasonable considering the restaurant standard. 

We were then presented with their menu and we decided to go for their lunch menu which is priced at £55 per person for a 3 courses meal. 

One can choose between 3 choices for each course (Starter, Main Course and Desserts). 

Bread were served throughout the meal until we finish our main courses and they do have quite a selection of bread. I started with an onion bread and tried a few other types as well.
Onion Bread
We were presented with a surprise before our starter is served. It is an egg mousse well presented in an egg shell, topped with black truffle. It is amazing, soft and creamy egg mousse. It does goes very well with the black truffle. What a great way to start our meal!
First special served-egg mousse with black truffle
Our starter is served and it smells amazing. I had roasted pumpkin agnolotti which is served warm. Soft pumpkin wrapped pasta with crunchy amaretti biscuit. It is wonderfully presented on my palate. Loving this dish.
Roasted pumpkin agnolotti with guanciale, sage and amaretti biscuit
Hubby's starter is salt baked beetroot salad wonderfully presented with  smoked mackerel, buttermilk. horseradish and pink grapefruit. Sound like a weird combination but when tasted together, they blended it so well with one another. This is served chilled.
Salt baked beetroot salad with smoked mackerel, buttermilk, horseradish and pink grapefruit 
Nice environment while we fine dine our starter!
We finished our starter until the last bit, thoroughly enjoying every moment. We slowly savour our starter and had some drinks while waiting for our main courses. 

Main courses are roasted rabbit loin and plaice fish fillet. There are quite a few of exotic terms which we didnt understand in the ingredients but we ordered anyway.... (to name a few- plaice, lovage, taramasalata and beurre noisette)

We were not disappointed. Hubby extremely satisfied with his fillets of plaice. The fish is well marinated and it goes very well with its accompanied items. Hubby couldn't resist but to just place mouthful and mouthful of his fish into his mouth. It is really good.

As for mine, this dishes changes my mind about rabbit meal. I remembered trying one rabbit dish when i was in New Zealand and the meat is hard and difficult to chew but this time round, the meat is soft and wonderfully wrapped in Bayonne ham which give the plain rabbit meat a salty component. The sauce that was served is well marinated as well. Thumbs up! This dish is rather large as well, which is good as it definitely filled my stomach :)

Roasted rabbit loin with Bayonne ham, baked turnips, toasted hazelnuts and pickled mustard seed 
Fillets of plaice with razor clams, lovage, taramasalata, and beurre noisette
Lastly for dessert, we tried the non-cheese item as we are not a big fan of assorted cheese. Hubby had this custard tart with blood orange, lemon balm and mascarpone sorbet. It totally blown both of us away. The creamy filling in the tart is totally refreshing, very fine and extremely creamy. Each mouthful is satisfying and it is prettily presented as well.
Custard tart with blood orange, lemon balm and mascarpone sorbet
I had Yorkshire rhubarb with vanilla parfait, lemon balm and olive oil. I was quite skeptical at first, wondering how does olive oil fit in a dessert course, and how well can rhubarb taste. Although I was not blown away when I tasted this dessert but it does give me a new perspective of rhubarb and the use of olive oil in a dessert. I must say this is a wonderful creation and pretty too!

Poached Yorkshire rhubarb with Tahitian vanilla parfait, lemon balm and olive oil 
To end, we were given another set of surprises. This time, it is a three item dessert which is wonderfully presented. The passion fruit sorbet in white chocolate is served with dry ice which gives the "dreamy feel".
Three item surprise to finish

Up-close for the three items...We have the passion fruit sorbet covered with white chocolate. Very chilly when put into mouth, a bit into the white chocolate revealed the passion fruit sorbet. Very nice indeed and refreshing too.
Passion fruit sorbet in white chocolate
Turkish delight didn't have the "wow" but it definitely taste so much better than the usual turkish delight that i have ever tasted.
Turkish delight
This chocolate with peanut butter filling is well paired with the pieces of dark/bitter chocolate. Perfect combination. I keep scooping the dark/bitter chocolate pieces to goes along with the chunk of chocolate. 
Chocolate with peanut butter filling
All in all, I think Gordon Ramsey Restaurant does give it's diner the whole package-from the quality of the food, the presentation of the food and the wonderful service rendered. For a £55 per person for lunch (which includes 2 specials), I think it is pretty worth it to experience at least once in a lifetime this perfect dining experience at this Three Michelin Star Establishment in London. No wonder they have hold tight to their Michelin Star since 2001. Am really glad to have enjoyed this wonderful perfect lunch! We did spend almost 2.5 hours for our lunch which is the longest lunch we had I must say, worth every seconds :)

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