Monday, November 17, 2014

Cook: Cheesy Potato Bake with Vegetables

Cheesy Potato Bake
Cheesy potatoes bake with vegetables
Just redeem a Fontignac Ovenware from NTUC yesterday so decided to put it to good use by making a cheesy potato bake.

I kinda just mix and match the ingredients I have at home without referring to any specific recipe. I am glad it turns out well. Also added some vegetables to make it a healthy meal, serve with baked salmon.

(Serve 2)

1. 3 large potatoes
2. 200ml of whipping cream
3. 3 pieces of cheddar cheese 
4. Mozzarella cheese for the topping
5. Some vegetables ( i added broccoli, sweet peas, carrot and sweetcorn)
6. 6 cloves of garlic, minced
7. 1 tablespoon of butter plus extra for buttering the baking dish
8. A pinch of salt/ ground black pepper (to taste)


1. Peel off skin of potatoes and steam them until soft.
2. After the potatoes cool down, cut them into thin pieces.
3. Butter the baking dish and place a layer of potatoes inside.
4. Add a layer of mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrot, sweet corn, sweet peas)
5. Place a layer of cheddar cheese and top with another layer of potatoes

6. On the stove, heat up the whipping cream, butter, minced garlic, salt and pepper until it just started to bubble. Pour over the potatoes.
Whipping cream mixture done
Potatoes with whipping cream mixture drizzled over
6. Sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese on top.
Ready to go into oven
7. Place the baking dish into preheated oven at 170 degree Celcius. 
8. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until the cheese is nicely browned.

P/S: This dish can be made beforehand and place into the fridge. When wanna bake, remove from fridge and place into non-preheated oven.  

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