Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cook: Brighten up your day with a Smiley Face Omelette

Smiley Face Omelette
Difficulty: 2/5

Serve half a smiley face to each of my kids, with brown rice and soup. They love it and it is also one way for them to eat their vegetable, by cooking it with their favourite egg.

Fluffy inside :)

(Make one smiley face)

1. One egg
2. 50ml fresh milk
3. A handful of mozzarella cheese
4. A pinch of salt and pepper
5. One tablespoon of butter 

Fillings (can be substitute with any vegetable and meat)

1. A handful of shredded carrot
2. A handful of cubed chayote
3. A handful of minced mini corn
4. A handful of cubed tomato
5. A handful of salmon, cut into small pieces

1. 2 blueberries

*Egg Ring to make the round shape


1. Beat the egg with the milk, add salt, pepper and cheese.
2. Heat the pan, melt the butter.
3. Stir fry the chayote, carrot and sweetcorn until the chayote change from opaque to slightly translucent. Add tomatoes and salmon, stir fry for another minute.
4. Separate the ingredients into two parts, and place the egg ring to enclose each portion.
Separate the fillings and enclosed them using egg ring
5. Add the egg mixture, let it set.
6. This part will require some skills, cause the bottom will cook faster and if the sides of the egg is not set, don't remove the egg ring. 
7. Check on the egg slowly and ensure that the sides are cooked before removing the egg ring.
8. They will be some egg that leaks but as long as most of them stays inside then it is ok.
9. Set aside those egg that leak, can be used for the nose and mouth of smiley face.
10. Once the egg in the ring is set, slowly remove the ring, and turn the egg to the other side to cook them.
11. Then arrange on plate and top up with blueberries for the eyes.

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