Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eat: MBS The Cheese & Chocolate Bar Buffet

This year for my mum's 60th birthday, I decided to give her a treat at MBS Cheese and Chocolate Bar. It is the first time we experience an all dessert buffet and I would give it 3 thumbs up!

The buffet starts daily from 8pm all the way up the midnight. It is wonderful as the timing gives you time to have a quick dinner before ascending to Level 55 at the all famous MBS and dine with an amazing view.

Tips: Personally I prefer city view more than sea view (it is so dark at night, one could hardly see the sea) so be sure to emphasise when booking. Window seat is definitely the best.

Dine with amazing view
Price is a bit steep ($48++ for adults, $24++ kids above 5 years old) as it is only a dessert and not a full buffet but the quality of the desserts plus the view definitely makes up for it. 

So, lets take a look at the view(that is the first thing I enjoyed after sitting down at the table rather than rushing for the food like usual for other buffet) and the food.

City View
It was a few weekend before the National Day and we are lucky to catch the fireworks display from above :)
Kids are super happy to see the fireworks
Do note reservation is essential to avoid disappointment of a good seat (there are plenty of empty table when I dine the other day so should have place but all the good view seats are taken up by people who reserve).

Before heading to the restaurant, one have to get a pass from Rise Restaurant at Level 1 and do note that not all the lifts goes up to Level 55 so do choose the one that does.

Upon reaching, you would already "wow" at the view. We waited for a short while before a polite and friendly waiter show us to our seat. Initially upon recommendation by the staff over the phone, I chose a "city cum ocean" view as suggested but DO NOT EVER CHOOSE THAT. Basically, you get a window seat that overlook partially of Garden at the Bay blocked by part of MBS building, a pitch dark ocean and the city view is all the way across 4-5 tables and you can hardly enjoy it. Definitely go for city view!

Luckily, our friendly waiter helped us changed it to the city view table and we are very grateful.

We started off with a hot drink that is served to us. All the hot drinks are served, you just order it and it gets send to your table. Selection of coffee (cappuccino, latte etc) , tea (from TWG) , warm milk and hot chocolate is available and included in the buffet price.

A cappuccino to the start of a beautiful night.
Selections of drinks that get send to your table
TWG Earl Grey
The buffet consists of two parts- chocolate and cheese as the name suggested.

Selection of chocolate buffet
All the desserts are beautifully crafted and they taste as good as they look.
The tarts are really yummy with praline and nuts!
I love the almonds coated with chocolate. It is sooo good!
They have some colourful chocolate selections that will definitely attract the kids... not me though, I rather have the beautiful and super yummy ones.. Hehe!
Some selections for the kids.
This is to goes with chocolate fondue..
Chocolate pudding and few more tarts
The chocolate tart is really nice too!
Pretty macaroon which my daughter adores. It is too sweet to my liking.
These strawberry dipped in chocolate is too pretty to be eaten!
The desserts are definitely super yummy and the definitely use quality ingredients to make. The strawberry tasted so fresh and sweet. I am indeed satisfied with the "sweets part"

Next up, lets look at the "salty part". I am not exactly a cheese person. I love Camembert cheese and some fruits cheese but other than that, I wasn't a big fan. I even went and borrow a book on different types of cheese before the buffet and I did see many of what is introduced being served. Give most of them a try and it is cool but it didn't attract me to have a second serving except my favourite Camembert cheese.
Selection of cheeses
More cheese selections
My favourite Camembert
Freshly made bread to goes with the cheese
Lastly, some of the selections I tried...

Pretty cakes and tarts I like
Creme brûlée, chocolate covered almond etc
Complimentary birthday cake
When I make the reservation, the staff make it a point to check if we are celebrating any special occasions and it is my mum's birthday celebration, so halfway through the buffet, the staff lined up and sing "Happy Birthday" to all the guests who is celebrating their birthday that day. My mum is so happy and I can see that she is indeed delighted to have her birthday celebrated at The Cheese & Chocolate Buffet. She loves the view, adores the food and she gets a cool birthday song sang by all as well :)

Our happy birthday lady. Happy 60th Birthday Mum!
We had a great night, enjoyed great views, had good food and drinks. Highly recommended for special occassions!

The Cheese & Chocolate Buffet
The Club at Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Tower 2, Level 55


Cheese & Chocolate:
Adults $48++ | Child $24++

Optional Wine Pairing:
Classic: $19++ Per Person
Dessert: $28++ Per Person

Black Ivory Coffee pairing: $60++

Opening hours:
Daily: 8:00pm - 12:00am

+65 6688 8858

Information correct as of 1st October 2015.
Check our official website for any change in price:

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