Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Play: Two Girls Extended Weekend Trip at Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chih Minh has always been my favourite city. I have visited it a couple of times and when G wanted an extended weekend trip, HCM pops up to my mind. G had never been to HCM and she did not have much expectation at first. I am glad at the end of the trip, both of us enjoyed the city and what it has to offer. G especially loves the colonial building which houses the restaurants and cafe, food is great and we had a good time at the Heli Bar which has amazing view of the city.

It was quite a last minute trip. We only confirmed and book the air ticket one week before the trip. We are flying in from different countries so we tried to match our arrival time as much as possible. I arrived about 90 minutes earlier and waiting at the airport for G. G arrived 15 minutes earlier than expected and after collecting her check-in luggage, our holiday began!

We will be having a driver for 2 days and he picked us up from the airport. It is about 30 minutes drive to the hotel (we stayed at Somerset Chancellor Court which is a wonderful serviced apartment which I had stayed on my previous trip to HCM).

Review on Somerset Chancellor Court (http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2016/08/somerset-chansellor-court-review-ho.html)

One bedroom premier room
We checked in and after a short catch up, we changed and our first stop is a whole body massage. What a great way to start to trip... our relaxing catch up eating trip!

This massage place is greatly recommended. At SGD$25, you get a 90 minutes whole body massage, with hot stone and cucumber facial.

Address: 137 Hàm Nghi, Nguyễn Thái Bình, 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
First stop- Full body massage session at 137 Foot Massage Salon
After the massage, it is time for dinner. We did not have a proper lunch so both of us are famished.

I brought G to this restaurant which serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant is located in this pretty colonial looking building and serves yummy dishes. Price are very reasonable as well.
Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant - one of my favourite Vietnamese Cuisine
Our first meal
Interior of the restaurant , patronise by many tourists 
Ambra Juice (also known as "Buah Long Long Juice" and Local Drip Coffee
Deep Fried Spring Roll with meat and crab filling
Com Tam- Broken Rice with Grilled Pork Chop
Crispy Pancake with seafood fillings
Grilled Chicken Wings
It was a good meal!
G's favourite dish is the deep fried spring roll. I love the Com Tam and my ambra juice, totally refreshing.

After dinner, we walked around the city a bit, snap a few shots of the Opera House grandeur facade and it is time for a cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee.

Saigon city at night
The Opera House
Local Coffee at Trung Nguyen
G had Mocha Jelly and I had the local coffee Tsang Tao Number 5
Coffee is amazing. It never fails to give me the "wow" although I have tried it many times while visiting the city. DO order it COLD with MILK, I felt that the cold coffee is much better than the hot one.

Both of us are exhausted and we decided to rest early today before continuing on our adventure tomorrow. 

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