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Cook: Grandma's Glutinous Rice Dumpling Recipe (by Mummy)

Duan Wu Jie (Rice Dumpling Festival/Dragon Boat Festival) is just around the corner and I have been blessed with a great mummy who makes me super good rice dumpling whether or not during the festive season. Whenever I crave for it, she will make time to prepare them for me.

Mummy's recipe is hand down from Grandma and Grandpa who used to sell dumpling. I still remember the big huge pot they used to boil the dumpling and sell them near their flat in the past. 

This is definitely one of my favourite traditional food and I can eat TWO at one time! Fill my stomach to the MAX cause it is really super yummy!

Most of the amount of ingredients is agak agak as mummy and grandma, they don't really measure...I will try my best to quantify as much as possible but it is down to individual taste.

For assembling part, I did include a link to other blog as I did not manage to take any photos and I really sucks at tying the dumpling.

So credit for this recipe will be to My Mummy! Thanks for sharing!

Dumpling made by my mum
(Makes 20 dumplings)

1. 1 kg of glutinous rice
2. 1 tablespoon of red onion oil (fry red onion and keep the oil-red onion to use with mushroom later)
3. 1/3 teaspoon sugar
4. 1/3 cup fish sauce
5. 1/3 teaspoon ground white pepper
6. 1/3 teaspoon fennel seed powder * This is an important ingredient as I feel this is what makes my grandma's recipe special-do not omit*
7. 1 cup of water from soaking mushroom 

1. 500g-1kg depending how much meat you like to put
2. 1-2 tablespoon of sesame oil
3. 1/2 teaspoon of five spices powder
4. A pinch of ground white pepper 
5. One tablespoon of sweet dark soy sauce

1. 20 mushrooms (cut into half-2 pieces in each dumpling)
2. Red onion (fried)
3. 1 tablespoon fish sauce

1. 20 pieces of dried chestnut ( 1 each- if you like this, you can add more, dumpling is all about individualisation and what ingredients you like)
2. Salted duck egg yolk (only use egg yolk, egg white can be kept for other recipe)
3. Chilli dried shrimp (homemade usually- I don't have any recipe for this at the moment- found this recipe online- can try out


1. Soak for at least 3 hours or overnight
2. Drain the water.
3. Fry the rice with sugar, fish sauce, pepper and ground fennel seed powder.
4. Add mushroom water slowly while constantly frying the rice.
5. When the water all dried up, it is ready. Set aside.

1. Marinate with sesame oil, five spices powder, ground white pepper and dark soy sauce.
2. Set aside.

1. Soak until soft.
2. Stir fry with red onion and fish sauce for about 5 minutes.

1. Boil dried chestnut in a water with a pinch of salt
2. For salted egg, separate egg yolk from egg white and set aside

Assemble the ingredients together in a bamboo leaves. Add rice first, followed by meat (1-2 pieces), Mushroom (2 pieces), dried chestnut (1), egg yolk (1) and some chilli dried shrimp. Top with more rice and wrap together using rafia string. 

Found this step-by-step assembling with picture. Check out

When it is all done. boil the dumpling in water for 2 hours. And it is ready.

You can eat all you want and keep the rest in freezer. Just steam them straight from freezer for 30 mins and ready to eat!


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