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Eat and Play: Phuket Family Trip November 2014 (Part 2)

28th November 2014

The next day, as usual we had pool time after breakfast... 

Boy boy is more comfortable with swimming today...Compared to yesterday where he just play a bit of water and stand around.

Girl girl crying as i pull her inside deeper water... she just wanted to sit at the side of the pool...
So happy

Got ready at 10.30am and first stop is Promthep Cape which is about 10 minutes away from where we stayed.

The sun is scorching when we reached but since we are here, of course need to explore a bit... saw lots of brides and groom taking photo for their wedding album... view is good... just a little too hot...

Group photo
We wanted to lunch at Rawai Seafood again and it only opens after 1pm, so went for elephant ride again.... This time hubby , boy boy and me didnt ride since we already went for it yesterday. My sis also couldn't ride as she is pregnant... So the rest of them went for it again...

It is free for girl girl and she loves the ride so much, so she went for it again.. this time with grandma...

The rest of us who stayed, we had ice cream and cool drinks to cool down....

Girl girl enjoying the ride
daddy and jong
Lunch is at Rawai Seafood again.. we ordered more or less the same stuff since it is so yummy.... didnt take photos cause everyone just busy eating... 

For photos of the yummy seafood: Phuket Trip Part 1

We were exhausted so went back to villa to nap.... I slept for a while then chill by eating some tidbits and watching movie on my iPad. Girl girl is very tired, she slept till almost 7.30pm...

Mummy, daddy, my second sis and her hubby went for Fantasea .. the rest of us are too tired so we just rest in the villa and went for dinner at Sala Mexicali.. OMG, the chicken fajitas is the best i have ever eaten... the meat is well marinated, soft and i don't know how to describe... just keep eating... yummy!

This is the entrance to the restaurant. Upon entering, the decor is simple yet cosy. There are already a few other tables occupied by the time we reached.

Entrance to the restaurant

Simple yet cosy decor

 Fried chicken is rather normal...
Fried chicken...
 I ordered chicken fajitas and it is the best i had ever eaten. First time the chicken meat is so tender and so well marinated. The onions, capsicum all very well cooked and taste fantastic. It is served with warm and soft fajitas and accompanied by sour cream, cheese, homemade tomatoes cubes, and homemade guacamole. It was so nice that everyone gave thumbs up! A must try if you are here.
Hubby ordered salmon and it is also nice but not as breathtaking as my fajitas. The mashed potatoes are homemade and there are minced vegetables inside which are special. The salad is well flavored too.

Salmon on mashed potatoes
My sis ordered chicken quesadillas and it is also not too bad. Nicely flavored but verdict is i still love my fajitas the most!
Quesadillas chicken

After dinner, my younger sis and her hubby went out walk walk while hubby and me slept early... the kids were tired too so slept early too...

29th November 2014

Will be flying back today... it is the last day of our holiday... Went out to get breakfast as our sausages and bread finish....

So today we will be having local food for breakfast....Found a few stalls with good food..

Some of the good ones...

These are little mini tarts with coconut milk inside.... coconut milk is still jelly-ish after cooking, and it is top with sweet potatoes or spring onion... love them!

Sweet coconut mini tart
Coconut mini tart?
The other nice one is this mini fried "you tiao" .. you can eat them on its own or dip in kaya.. very nice too!
Mini "you tiao" with kaya dip
Fried "you tiao"
We also had fried chicken with glutinous rice... fried chicken is nice. the rice is pretty normal.

Fried chicken with glutinous rice
Went for a last round of swimming after breakfast and then checked out. Electricity is not inclusive of the stay and cost 1600 baht for 3 nights stay. 

Went Patong again as my sis wanted to buy some souvenir.... We lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant and the food is good! Even have free dessert and coffee with each set meal ordered.. yummy! We were rushing so didnt manage to take photos.

After lunch, was pretty rush to the airport but luckily still manage to check in and board on time! Phew....

Flew back uneventfully and had a quick dinner at airport before coming home...

Great trip overall though the weather is a little too hot...

Some highlight of the trip:
I especially love the private pool and dip in it quite a few times during our short trip.
Seafood at Rawai is really nice and at a very reasonable price.
My girl love the elephant rides and went on it twice.
I also love the mexican food that we had during the last night of our trip.
Most importantly, it was a great family trip and everyone had a good time.

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