Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Play: Journey down memory lane (Day 7-17 March 2015)

On this day, we woke up at 6.45am, excited to explore the area as it is the first time both of us visited Wengen. It is already bright outside and we could see the snow alps just from our window. I could wake up to this view everyday!!!! So pretty!

Amazing view!
We basically just chill in the room, admiring the view at the comfort of our bed. We then showered and got ready for breakfast by 8am.

Breakfast is provided by the hotel (inclusive in the room charges which is great! everything in Swiss is so expensive)

I love the breakfast, there is quite a good selection and the quality of food is good. Plus, we get to enjoy the view while having our breakfast, definitely a plus point!

Breakfast...selection of bread
Love the cosy interior of the restaurant (there is ham, cheese, cereal, muesli)
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Soft boil eggs
Have a happy breakfast!
After breakfast, we went back to our room, got ready and took the 9 plus train to Klein Scheidegg.

Bye, see you at night my cosy room.
Our room
We walked around, watching people ski. Had drinks at one of the restaurant and admiring the view. 

Even little kids are ski-ing

I wish I know how to ski... 
Lots of people skiing

Enjoying myself!

View from the restaurant...
Coca cola tent
We wanted to go to Interlaken and Bern at around 11.30am but it was very windy and there is a small storm so all the train services are suspended until further notice. We had no choice but alight from the train and find something to eat instead.

We ended up having lunch at Restaurant Hotel Belleve. 
Hubby used his camera to take some video of the alps and record some of the windy snowing sound...
Hubby had ravioli(a type of pasta) and I had cheese rosti (potatoes). Both dishes are nicely done and really very yummy!

Cheese Baked Rosti
Selection of desserts which we did not try

By 1.30pm, the weather was a little better and train started to operate again. We took a train to Grindelward and then transfer another train to Interlaken OST. 

In the train...
Different class (first class, second class)

There is really nothing much in Interlaken, it is a small town. We walked around the lake and then took a train to Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen seems more lively with some hotels and restaurants. We stroll around for a bit, went and see the waterfall and then took the train back to Wengen at 5pm. 

I still prefer the town Wengen more than Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen. The view is better and there is snow! :)

Back to Wengen
We went back to the hotel to rest. After shower, we went walking around the pretty town once again and send some postcards back home!
Stamps for my postcard
All done
Postcard SEND! :)
Photo with our hotel!
We went back to the hotel around 7 plus just in time for the dinner. It is a good deal for guests as we get to top up a minimal amount for a four courses meal. Considering how expensive the food can be, this is a steal. Plus the food served at our hotel is very good and we can go down at our comfort, without the need to venture out in the cold for dinner. We just need to inform the reception if we would like to top up for dinner latest by early in the morning. 

The hotel serves different food each day and the menu will be made known to guest one day earlier so the guests could decide if they would like to dine at the hotel for dinner. 

For today, the soup of the day is elderberry soup which is pretty unique. It is my first time tasting the soup, a little bit sourish. Very appetising!

Starter: Elderberry soup

Main course: Beef with couscous and vegetable
It was a very nice dinner, and we were very full by the end of it. Time to rest and recharge for tomorrow :)

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