Monday, January 8, 2018

Cook: Homemade Ginger Tea (姜母茶)

The weather has been really cold lately with the rain and chill. I was in Taipei last month with a couple of my secondary school mates and came across this ginger tea which is really good to warm the stomach in the winter. I was chatting with the auntie who is selling the tea and she told me what is the ingredients inside the tea so I have decided to make some myself....

It turns out to be really good and I have made a concentrated version of it so that I can just add hot water when I want to drink it....

Homemade ginger tea

1. 300g of old ginger (remove the skin and cut into small chunks)
2. 20 red dates (cut into small pieces as shown)
3. 40 dried longans
4. Black sugar (to taste)

Ingredients for the ginger tea


1. In a pot, add the old ginger, red dates and dried longan. 
2. Then add 1L of water.
3. Bring to boil and add the black sugar.
4. Continue to simmer the soup using medium heat, adding water in between if the water level gets too low.
5. Add more sugar if needed to by tasting the tea.
6. Let the tea simmer for one and a half hour then leave it to cool.

 The ginger tea...
7. Sieve out the ingredients into a bowl.

All the goodness...
It is ready...
8. Keep the ginger tea in a bottle and place in fridge. When required, take out and add hot water. 

With my ingredients, I manage to make 650ml of concentrated ginger tea and have about 8 cups of ginger tea. I kept in fridge and drink it within 2 weeks (might be able to keep beyond two weeks but we have finished it by then). Very warm and nice for the weather. 


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